I’m a Bride Up North

A few weeks ago our lovely photographer, Sarah Mason, who I’ve raved about time and time again (on our bump shoot and our baby shoot as well as our wedding) contacted us to say she had been approached by Julia from the Brides Up North website, who was interested in featuring our wedding. As a reader of Brides Up North, especially when we were planning our wedding, my favourite feature was always the real weddings so obviously I jumped at the chance.  Our wedding went live on the 30th May and you can find it here if you want to have a look.  It’s lovely to think our big day is now featured on this fabulous website for the world to see, so a big thank you to Julia for approaching Sarah regarding it and also to Sarah for agreeing to it.  

You can also have a peek at my post on our wedding here.  I would love to have a nosey at some of your wedding posts too so leave me a link in the comments if you have one for me to look at. 

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New Things August 2013

I’m sorry for another late post but here it is anyway!

In August we did a huge New Thing as a family! We got MARRIED as I’ve previously mentioned and will probably mention a few more times too (sorry!) There were a few other New Things we managed to squeeze in though as well. 

New Thing 24: My mummy and daddy got married this month which meant I got to be a page boy.  I got to wear fancy clothes and everybody cooed over me and told me I was cute. I quite liked it for a bit but then I did get very fed up of it.  My friends were page boys too, Dylan and Zack, but I was the best page boy. 

New Thing 25: After the commotion and crazy week leading up to my mummy and daddy’s wedding they decided it was a good idea to get away from it all for a few days.  This is the first time we have ever been away together as a whole family. Me and mummy have been away for a weekend, but not with daddy.  We had lots of fun together and mummy and daddy had even more time than usual to play with me. It was great.

New Thing 17:  I got married!! This is this first time I’ve ever been married so its a pretty big new thing for me this month.  It really was, as cheesy as it sounds, the best day ever. It was absolutely perfect and I spent the whole day laughing and having fun with those who mean the world to me. I am gonna do a few posts on our amazing day so keep your eyes peeled. 

New Thing 18: With the wedding came another new thing for me, I got a spray tan. As this country is never hot enough for me to bare enough flesh for long enough to get a tan (I like it HOT), I am quite pale. I decided as I was wearing a white dress and my bridesmaids are all quite tanned, I would probably look better with a bit of colour so I braved it and got painted. Luckily I have a brilliant friend, Sarah, who did my tan for me and left me feeling lovely without feeling orange. She also made me feel beautiful on the day by doing all my beauty treatments for me, she is fabulous. 

So there, those are our New Things for August.