New Things 2013: The Roundup

Last year I made my first ever New Years Resolution, to do something new every month.  Luca managed this easily, after all he has lots still to discover at only 18months old. I, on the other hand, failed by not doing anything new in September, but I still think I did pretty chuffing well.  We may not have had the most exciting new things (no sky diving here) but we still had fun and it’s a good way to remember things I have done that may have otherwise passed me by without me realising.   So here is a quick review of our 2013 new things.  

Luca managed to rack up 40 New Things over the course of 2013, of course there were many more but he’d have had pages and pages if I’d have listed them all.  I tried to do a top five for Luca but it was too difficult, so I managed to whittle it down to 7.  They are:

Puddle jumping (October)

I managed a grand total of 23 New Things, so although I failed in September, with a month where I didn’t do anything new, I still averaged around 2 new things a month.  

My top 5 favourites have been:

Our first family break (August)

I’ve not made a resolution this year so this will be my last post for the series of New Things, but I’ve really, really enjoyed doing it over the past 12 months.  It has helped me to pay a little more attention to the things we have been doing together.  Hopefully this has been a life lesson that I will take with me and continue to mentally track when I do something new that I may have otherwise missed.  It has made me feel realise I am very lucky to have such a full life with New Things cropping up all the time, even without planning them. 

So here’s to last year! 

I wish you all a very happy new year and hope it holds much joy for you all.

New Things December 2013

This is the last month of our little challenge for this year. We just about made it. I’m gonna do a little round up post of our favourite New Things but for now I’m gonna let you in on what we did new this month. 

New Thing 36: I went to my first ever Carol Singing this month. It was on our little estate and lots of people turned up. I clapped after every song and ate LOTS of treats which were homemade by our neighbours like gingerbread men, buns, mince pies & marshmallow men. It was great fun. 

New Thing 37: Last year I was only 5 months old at Christmas time so this year I got my first advent calendar. I LOVE it. I get chocolate every day, either after my breakfast or when I get home from the childminders depending on the day. But now Christmas has gone I have to ask for chocolate everyday instead, my mum says I nag for it, whatever that means!? 

New Thing 38: I helped decorate the Christmas tree this year and Daddy helped me to put the star on the top. I thought it was great fun and when we’d emptied the bauble box I just took off the ones mummy and daddy had put on and used those. 

New Thing 39: Santa bought me my first football kit for Christmas. Mummy wasn’t convinced at first but then when she saw me in it she loved it.  I mean come on, I look really cute in it and the socks come all the way up to my knees! 

New Thing 40: My mummy works with autistic children and some of them don’t speak so they use Makaton instead, you know the signs Mr Tumble uses.  Anyway, she has taught me a few. I know the signs for Dog, Snake, Duck, Fox, Bear & Milk so far. 

New Thing 22: We are lucky to live in a very friendly, new, little estate and this month myself and a handful of other people all pulled together and organised a Christmas Carol event.  We managed to get the Salvation Army to come and play for us, neighbours supplied hot chocolate, mulled wine, mince pies and lots of other yummy treats and we showed that community spirit is very much still alive and kicking.  It was a great success and my first attempt at organising a community event.

New Thing 23: I have discovered a new love, Kir Royales. Yummy scrummy in my tummy! Just sad I have missed out on them for so many years. 

Hope you all had as wonderful a Christmas & New Year as we did!

New Things November 2013

Well what a month this has been! Like I said in October’s New Things, this is my favourite time of year, filled with lots to do and fun to be had. So without further ado, here are our November New Things. 


New Thing 32: Last year I was too little for mummy & daddy to take me to see a bonfire.  So this year they took me to the Crooked Billet bonfire.  We got there a little bit late so the fireworks were already going off.  The first one I saw burst into the sky as we were walking to the bonfire and all I said was “Wow!”  I said the same for every one of them after that too. I really liked them and when they had finished I looked for more all night.  I liked them so much that Mummy & Daddy treated me to some on Wednesday night as well at my Nona & Papa’s house.  We then ate hot dogs and pie & peas and drank hot chocolate.  The bonfire was a nice big one and I spent lots of time just sat watching it flicker around. I really enjoyed bonfire night! 

New Thing 33: My mummy and daddy go to the cenotaph every year in Leeds on Remembrance Sunday so this was the second time I’ve been.  After standing in the cold for the morning we then go up to the Christmas Market and drink hot chocolate to warm up and eat delicious German treats like strawberry & cream crepes whilst watching the Oompah Band.  This year I was big enough to really enjoy it and I danced on the table to the band before falling asleep on the table.  I woke up again just in time to meet Santa.  This was the first time I’ve ever seen or met Santa and he gave me a little present.  I’m not quite sure what I thought of him. 

New Thing 34: One day when I got home from the childminders I was surprised to find that I no longer had a cot in my room. Instead I now have a big boys bed and sleep in there every night. It’s the first time I’ve slept in a big boy bed by myself. I like it and go play in there by myself sometimes. 
Luca & Mummy
New Thing 35/21: Mummy & Me have a shared one this month.  We were asked to take part in a special little project.  I don’t think we are allowed to say what it was yet so we’ll let you in on the secret later on but I think we can say that it involved a film crew.  Neither myself or my mummy have ever been filmed before so it was an new, exciting experience for both of us.

New Things October 2013

Well October is here, seriously where has this year gone.  October for me signifies the start of the end, Autumn is here and the end of the year looms ever closer.  I love the end months of the year, they are jam packed with my favourite things so for Luca I think we will have lots of new things coming up.  This month saw him discover what has to be my favourite new thing he has done so far. So without further ado, here are our October New Things. 

New Thing 28: Mummy and her friend, Steph took me for an afternoon stroll around Temple Newsam one Saturday. I was wrapped up all warm and toasty as the weather has got colder now.  We went stomping and crunching through leaves, I saw lots of ducks and I learnt to SPLASH IN PUDDLES.  How much fun is puddle jumping, my days I loved it and splashed in every puddle I could find on the way back to the car.  

© Stephanie Wetherhill 

New Thing 29: On the same walk I also discovered ladybirds. There was one on a bench we sat on and Mummy put it on my hand.

New Thing 30: My mummy and Papa took me & my cousin, Rhianna, pumpkin picking.  We went the Sunday before Halloween to Farmer Copley’s in Pontefract.  We rode on a tractor to the pumpkin patch, crawled through the mud searching out the best pumpkins (there were lots) and then took them home to carve in time for Halloween.  I really enjoyed it and couldn’t pick up the one I wanted it was so heavy.  Poor Papa had to carry them all back to the car.

New Thing 31: It was Halloween this month, my mummy & daddy got me all dressed up last year as a pumpkin and a skeleton but this year I was big enough to go Trick or Treating.  I was dressed as a ghost and went with my cousin Rhianna.  We went to a few houses down the street and I picked a lollipop everytime.  It was good fun. 

New Thing 19: For the first time in my life I went to a Chinese restaurant this month. I have tried the odd bit of Chinese food before but honestly, apart from chips from the takeaway, I don’t like it. However, we were invited by Ant’s old work mates for a meal so we decided to join them.  Truthfully, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be but then I did chose the plainest, blandest things on the menu. Having said that, I don’t think I’ll be going again any time soon. 

New Thing 20: Another one for me this month was that I went to a tea room, alone! Ok, ok, I had Luca with me but I was the only grown up. This might sound like a silly new thing but I would never have gone to eat somewhere by myself before.  I don’t know why but the thought just made me feel weird.  However, one day after going for a walk near my mums house we decided to drop in for a cup of tea & cake at Dulcie Butterfly.  Luca loved sitting in his chair with his cake and elderflower cordial and kept wiping his face with his napkin. 

New Things September 2013

New Thing 26: It was my friends christening this month, so this is a 2 parter. It was the first christening I’ve ever been to and also the first time I’ve ever been in a church. I liked it as it was echoey and the church had a cat wandering round. 

New Thing 27: This month I learnt to walk all by myself. I can stand up without holding on to anything and walk across the room.  I’m still a little bit wobbly but I can do it, when I want to that is. I don’t do it lots though as I am still much quicker crawling.

I’ve failed this month, I cannot think of one new thing I’ve done. I think I’ve done pretty well to get to September though before I’ve failed to do a new thing.  Should be back in the game for October (fingers crossed).

New Things August 2013

I’m sorry for another late post but here it is anyway!

In August we did a huge New Thing as a family! We got MARRIED as I’ve previously mentioned and will probably mention a few more times too (sorry!) There were a few other New Things we managed to squeeze in though as well. 

New Thing 24: My mummy and daddy got married this month which meant I got to be a page boy.  I got to wear fancy clothes and everybody cooed over me and told me I was cute. I quite liked it for a bit but then I did get very fed up of it.  My friends were page boys too, Dylan and Zack, but I was the best page boy. 

New Thing 25: After the commotion and crazy week leading up to my mummy and daddy’s wedding they decided it was a good idea to get away from it all for a few days.  This is the first time we have ever been away together as a whole family. Me and mummy have been away for a weekend, but not with daddy.  We had lots of fun together and mummy and daddy had even more time than usual to play with me. It was great.

New Thing 17:  I got married!! This is this first time I’ve ever been married so its a pretty big new thing for me this month.  It really was, as cheesy as it sounds, the best day ever. It was absolutely perfect and I spent the whole day laughing and having fun with those who mean the world to me. I am gonna do a few posts on our amazing day so keep your eyes peeled. 

New Thing 18: With the wedding came another new thing for me, I got a spray tan. As this country is never hot enough for me to bare enough flesh for long enough to get a tan (I like it HOT), I am quite pale. I decided as I was wearing a white dress and my bridesmaids are all quite tanned, I would probably look better with a bit of colour so I braved it and got painted. Luckily I have a brilliant friend, Sarah, who did my tan for me and left me feeling lovely without feeling orange. She also made me feel beautiful on the day by doing all my beauty treatments for me, she is fabulous. 

So there, those are our New Things for August. 

New Things July 2013

I’m am way way behind on my blogging at the moment as I’ve been so busy with the wedding, now that is over though I will hopefully catch up soon.  So I apologise if some of my posts are a bit out of order. 

So here are our New Things from July.

New Thing 21: This month was my 1st birthday. I’m now 1.  That means I’m not a baby anymore really but shh don’t tell my mummy. Mummy thinks birthdays should be celebrated, they are a big deal in our family apparently.  So I had my very first birthday party.  It was rainbow themed and I had lots of friends round to play in my paddling pool, ball pit, sand pit and on my new bouncy castle that my Nonna & Papa bought me.  I even had a rainbow cake.  I was very spoilt with lots of people buying me presents and I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who bought me something, I loved them all.

New Thing 22: For the first time ever I went on a little holiday this month, apparently it was my mummy’s hen do or something. I went with my mummy, Nonna, Boppa and some of mummy’s friends.  We went to a house in the middle of nowhere and I loved it. There were sheep and dogs and horses for me to look at and stroke, but I wasn’t allowed to ride them.  We were there for a whole weekend and I was allowed to stay up late some nights. I even paddled in Lake Windermere when my mummy went on a rowing boat.

New Thing 23:  I learnt to stand up by myself this month too but I didn’t really like it. It’s a bit scary when nobody is holding on to you. In fact I sat down so quickly mummy didn’t manage to get a picture.  

New Thing 16: This month I went on my first ever hen do, granted it was mine but I have never been on a hen do before. We had an absolutely amazing time and you can read all about it here.

I didn’t do much else last month, if I did I can’t remember it, I’ve been a very busy bee don’t you know. 

New Things June 2013

New Thing 20:  I went to my first ever birthday party this month.  It was my friend Dylan’s 3rd birthday and he had a big party with lots of other little people there.  I put on my fancy clothes and played on a bouncy castle, a slide, a swing and with lots of toys.  I ate lots of wotsits, a cup cake, a lolly and other party food.  By the end of the day I was very, very tired but I had lots and lots of fun. 

New Thing 15:  My new thing this month is one of my favourites so far.  This month I got to fulfil a dream I’ve held since being a kid and I did it with my oldest friend in the world, Gemma.  

Ladies and gentlemen, on the 19th of June 2013, at the Etiad Stadium in Manchester, I finally managed to see, watch, feel, live the Robbie Williams experience.  My days was it worth the wait, that man puts on a show.  Despite getting food poisoning just before we got there and throwing up in front of hundreds of people (another first) it was still absolutely amazing.  My expectations were high after years of waiting and four previous failed attempts and I was nervous that it wouldn’t live up to them, but my fears were quashed pretty quickly and as the show went on it just got better and better.  You have to go see him if you ever get the opportunity, what a performer. 

I will be reliving my whole experience in a further post so keep your eyes peeled. 

New Things May 2013

This month has seen me only have one new thing but I had so much fun doing it.  One of Luca’s new things this month has been one I have been looking forward to doing with him for a very long time.  Here they are…

New Thing 18: On the bank holiday, with the sun high in the sky, my mummy and daddy took me to Temple Newsam for my first picnic.  I like picnics, I like that I can just grab bits of food and I don’t have to worry about dropping them.  I also liked that there was lots to watch and see, like big boys playing football and people riding horses.  It was also the first time I put my bare feet in the grass.  I know unbelievable right, but there are three good reasons for this. 1) I live in a flat with my mummy and daddy so we don’t have a garden to play in. 2)  The weather has been pretty rubbish until recently so I’ve always had my shoes and socks on. 3) When it was nice last year my Nona and Papa had been flooded so I couldn’t play in their garden then. But they are back in their house now so I will have my bare feet in the grass lots more.  

New Thing 19: Mummy, Aunty Ash and Aunty Abbie took me to the stables for the first time this month.  The horse I got to meet was called Harry and he was HUGE.  He is lots bigger than me but I really liked him and I liked stroking him.  I watched mummy and Aunty Ash get him from his field and then brush him before we went for a walk.  I was pushed in my pushchair whilst mummy and Aunty Abbie and Aunty Ash took it in turns to ride Harry.  I then watched them riding in the school and then I got to have a sit on him with my mummy.  I really liked it and tried to hold the reins myself.  Aunty Ash is going to teach me to ride properly when I’m big enough. 

New Thing 20: My mummy and daddy had given up on the idea that I would ever crawl.  But I’ve decided that its probably easier for me to get up to mischief if I can get around by myself so I’ve learnt to army crawl.  It’s not quite the same as the other boys and girls but it works for me and I’m getting really fast at it now. 

New Thing 14: I only have one new thing this month and that is I went to a Ceilidh.  It was a retirment party for a colleague who is Scottish.  For those of you who don’t know what a Ceildih is see the video below, it is a bit like a barn dance just with more kilts than cowboy boots.  

The band and the caller who showed us the moves to the dances were fantastic and we had loads of fun learning how to do the Gay Gordon or Stripping the Willow.  

New Things April 2013

Just realised I never posted our new things for April, I apologise for the delay. They aren’t too exciting this month as I have follow up posts on most of them to come and I’ve been so busy this month. Anyway, I digress, here they are…

 New Thing 15: This mummy and daddy took me to the child minders for the first time whilst they went to work. Mummy was very worried about me but she didn’t need to be, I love it. I have made some new friends there and they take me places and do nice things with me, even if they do make me wear pink hats!!

New Thing 16: Surprisingly one of my new things this month was playing on the park. I know I’m a bit old for this to be a first, my mummy and daddy are rubbish. I went on the swings and the slide with my child minders and I really like it. Mummy and Daddy have taken me again now the weather is a bit nicer.  

New Thing 17: Mummy took my to Swithens Farm on one of her days off. I went with my friends Dylan and Zack and their mummy too. We stroked calves, lambs and piglets as well as all their mummies. Mummy even got to feed a lamb it’s bottle. I love animals so I had lots and lots of fun.

Copyright Little Luca & Me

New Thing 12: After nearly 10months of maternity leave I went back to work this month. Surprisingly it wasn’t as bad as I’d expected and we are finally getting a bit organised again after the initial shock of having my time stretched. I will be posting about my return to work soon.

New Thing 13: I attended my first public lecture this month. I went with an old friend, Steph who I also studied Psychology at University with. The lecture was by world renowned David Canter, titled ‘How offender profiling became investigative psychology’. It was so nice to get my brain ticking in an academic manner again and super interesting. I was also supposed to attend another by another world renowned Professor, Lord Robert Winston but have had to cancel this. Hopefully though this will be the 1st of many public lectures to come, especially if they have cake at them all!!