Luca is 6!

At the start of July, this little poop face turned 6.  I mean, bloody six, that means we are creeping closer to double figures now.  I’m not sure I can deal with this.  I want him to stay my gorgeous, loving, cuddly little boy forever.  Not turn into a grotty teenager.

This last year, in all honesty, has been a tough one.  He went through a phase of really not listening to what was being asked of him and both myself and Ant have shouted a lot more than we would like to at him.  He also started to backchat, developed a HUGE attitude and a temper to match it.  But over the past few months, this seems to have slowly sorted itself out and as I type this we are back to affectionate, funny, cheeky Luca.  The best version of him. Continue reading

The nappies are off!

Growing up too quickly!

The week before I broke up for Christmas Luca told me he didn’t want to wear a nappy, instead he wanted to wear big boy pants like Daddy. 

I’ve never pushed toilet training on Luca. We’ve gone completely at his pace as I didn’t want it to be something stressful for either of us. He was right though, it felt like a good time to give it a go. So the first day of my Christmas holidays we decided to put him in underpants and we haven’t looked back. 

We have had a few little accidents, usually when he’s been playing or not realised quite quickly enough that he needed it, but he’s done amazingly well.
We are now just over 3 weeks in and accidents are rare. In fact I’m not sure I could tell you the last time he had one.  We even went to the park and then the supermarket the other day. He managed a good hour and a half without a toilet stop. 

He still wears a nappy for bed. I’m not ready to face that yet and I don’t want his sleep disturbed when it’s so important for him and he isn’t that great at sleeping anyway.  

For daytime toileting though I really think we have cracked it. Woo hoo! Nappies are so bloody expensive, I’ll be glad of the extra pennies. 

He has also decided that he doesn’t need a dummy anymore. We made a conscious effort to try to remove it from him during the day and not make them easily accessible (it wasn’t forbidden just not encouraged) in an attempt to slowly wean him off them. Again I didn’t want it to be stressful for him, you wouldn’t just take a child’s favourite teddy from them so I couldn’t just take his dummy, it’s his comforter.  We still have them in the cupboard just in case.  I need not have worried though, he just gave me it one night and said “I don’t want that mummy.”. He now proudly tells everyone “I don’t have a dummy anymore, I’m a big boy.”

Rightly so too, he should be proud of himself, after all I couldn’t be prouder of him.  Yet it is very bittersweet. My little boy is losing those last little bits of being my baby. Once he’s fully out of nappies there is nothing left. No traces of the baby he used to be. I adore this age, even with all the tantrums but I do miss that little baby he used to be. 

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Father Christmas made me cry!

No, not like that. I used to be terrified of him in fairness but I’m a grown up now and he doesn’t scare me anymore. Well not as much. 

Last weekend we took Luca to see Father Christmas for the first time and I got all emotional.  I did manage to keep it together, just about, but as the Elf walked us down the hallway, chatting to Luca and then opened the door and ushered him in to see the big man, my eyes welled up and I got a bit of a lump in my throat.  

I never expected it to be such an emotional experience but thinking about it how can it not be. Christmas is such a magical time for children and Luca’s first visit to the big man reminded me of the exciment, anticipation and wonder that surrounded Christmas for me as a child. As Luca warily walked into the room and saw jolly old St Nick sat there waiting for him, his face lit up and I know it’s a moment neither myself nor Anthony will forget. 

The Father Christmas we saw was a lovely gentleman, who looked very authentic, (as you can see in the picture) and really made the whole thing even more special. I was excited about Christmas this year with Luca anyway as it’s the first one he seems to really understand, but now I’m beside myself and determined to make ever Christmas as special as I possibly can. I want to keep the magic alive and that look on his face for as many years as possible. 

Merry Christmas everyone! 

My baby, he's gone!

I think it’s over. Seriously. My baby, he’s gone.

These last two weeks we seem to have turned the corner from babyhood to toddlerdom. All those last little bits that made Luca still seem like a baby have gone and been replaced by lots of little things that make me realise my baby is now very much a little boy.  We’ve been in toddler territory for a while, the tantrums, the naughty behaviour and defiance, but they have always been alongside his other characteristics that made him still seem so small.  

I can’t even really put my finger on the things that have gone, they weren’t really anything specific, it isn’t a really obvious or drastic change in behaviour or routine but whatever it was that kept him a baby is no more. 

He has been sleeping in a bed rather than a cot for the past 6 months, no longer sits in a high chair preferring to sit with us on a proper chair, drinks from a cup and can do so much independently now (even tells me off if I try to help “No Mummy, I’ll do it”). These have all been things that have happened progressively before now and none of these changes seemed to signal the end of his baby years, though most of them would seem that way.  It isn’t that his speech has suddenly developed either, he’s been talking for what seems like forever and is really advanced with his speech, already talking in sentences and opting for big words such as delicious, awesome and beautiful rather than nice, good and pretty. So really I don’t know what it is.  Maybe it’s the way he says things to me now, the facial expressions and gestures. The increase in his independence and defiance, his intrigue for everything.  The one thing I can put my finger on is his suddenly evident imagination. Everything is now a horsey, in particular the umbrella and sweeping brush. He loves to make us cups of tea, feed his teddy, makes his toys talk to each other and now plays with his toys in different ways everytime he plays with them.  It is an absolute joy to watch and this is obviously a sign that he’s maturing.  

Ask anyone of my family or friends though and they will all agree, he is now so much more grown up.  It shouldn’t really be that much of a shock to me, he is 2 in just under two months but it seems to have snuck up on me and happened so quickly.  This has resulted in the increase of the dreaded, “You’ll be having another soon won’t you?”  Actually, the answer is still no.  I absolutely adore this stage, the fun, the conversations, the learning, teaching and active discovering by both me and Luca. 

 This is without doubt my favourite stage of development and I’m enjoying and making the most of every second of it. After all, it will be over before I know it, right?
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New Things July 2013

I’m am way way behind on my blogging at the moment as I’ve been so busy with the wedding, now that is over though I will hopefully catch up soon.  So I apologise if some of my posts are a bit out of order. 

So here are our New Things from July.

New Thing 21: This month was my 1st birthday. I’m now 1.  That means I’m not a baby anymore really but shh don’t tell my mummy. Mummy thinks birthdays should be celebrated, they are a big deal in our family apparently.  So I had my very first birthday party.  It was rainbow themed and I had lots of friends round to play in my paddling pool, ball pit, sand pit and on my new bouncy castle that my Nonna & Papa bought me.  I even had a rainbow cake.  I was very spoilt with lots of people buying me presents and I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who bought me something, I loved them all.

New Thing 22: For the first time ever I went on a little holiday this month, apparently it was my mummy’s hen do or something. I went with my mummy, Nonna, Boppa and some of mummy’s friends.  We went to a house in the middle of nowhere and I loved it. There were sheep and dogs and horses for me to look at and stroke, but I wasn’t allowed to ride them.  We were there for a whole weekend and I was allowed to stay up late some nights. I even paddled in Lake Windermere when my mummy went on a rowing boat.

New Thing 23:  I learnt to stand up by myself this month too but I didn’t really like it. It’s a bit scary when nobody is holding on to you. In fact I sat down so quickly mummy didn’t manage to get a picture.  

New Thing 16: This month I went on my first ever hen do, granted it was mine but I have never been on a hen do before. We had an absolutely amazing time and you can read all about it here.

I didn’t do much else last month, if I did I can’t remember it, I’ve been a very busy bee don’t you know.