Me & Mine – July 2018

July has been such a busy month. Starting with Luca’s birthday and party in the woods, lots of days spent in my parents pool to make the most of the glorious weather we’ve been having, a doggy play date with Charli from Candidly Rhubarb, a gender scan, mini maternity shoot, school breaking up and then a trip to Stockeld Park and Fountains Abbey and finishing with a day sunflower picking.

It’s been a really truly fab month for us all and I’m hoping all the fun and frolicks continue throughout August too.  I’m really trying to spend lots of time with Luca before he has to start to share me, and I’m lapping up every second of him.  Plus he’s been absolutely lovely since school finished. Continue reading

Me & Mine – May 2018

I’m only a few days late this month with our family photo.  I’m pretty proud of myself.

Although it’s a phone snap as that’s all I had.  May has been a funny old month, we haven’t really done much at all but I’ve felt completely run off my feet.  I think probably because work has been crazy busy.  We have enjoyed the beautiful sunshine that we have been having though.

our highlight of the month was taking Luca to his first gig.  He got tickets to go see Ed Sheeran for Christmas and the waiting was finally over.  He was so excited all day and I’ve never known him get ready so quickly when asked.  He couldn’t wait to get there.  Continue reading

Me & Mine – April ’18

Another late post for Me & Mine, can you tell I’m playing catch up?

April was quite the month for us.

We had an Easter egg hunt to kick off the month, I think everyone did by my Instagram that day.

Then a few days later we had a trip to Farmer Copley’s to feed the lambs and snuggle baby chicks for my birthday as I turned 30 at the beginning of April.  I had a few ways of celebrating including a few meals out, a spa day with friends and then Ant threw me a surprise meal too. I was very spoilt and actually turning 30 wasn’t so bad.

After all the celebrating at the start of the month we finally made it to the cinema to see The Greatest Showman, and I mean, what took us so long. It’s amazing!! Continue reading

Me & Mine – March 2018

As always I’m late posting our photo for the Me & Mine project. Honestly, I need to make a system for keeping up with blog stuff. I actually remembered to get the photo but then totally forgot to post it. Go figure.

Anyway, March was a busy month for us. We had so much snow. Like tons of it, which Luca loved because it meant snow days. I, on the other hand, managed to lose my house keys in it which wasn’t so much fun.

I went on a date with Ant to see Paloma Faith at First Direct Arena. She was absolutely amazing!

I also went on a photography retreat run by the ever so talented Sarah Mason, she’s here on Instagram and you should definitely go follow her. She took our wedding photos and is just fabulous and the retreat was A-MAZING. I’ll be writing all about it soon. Continue reading

Me & Mine – February 2018

So I may have only just posted our photo from January but it’s time for our February one as well.

It’s been a funny old month, we’ve celebrated friends birthdays, managed to get a date day together, visited a museum, dealt with the huge amounts of snow that fell, had lots of play dates and dog walks and Luca had a fab parents evening.

Overall it hasn’t been a bad old month, but it’s been a fast one. I didn’t get a proper photo of us all together this month, mostly because Ant has worked a lot of late shifts at work and we haven’t had days off together at the weekends much. Continue reading

Me & Mine – January 2018

Let’s pretend I’m not posting this a whole month late.  It’s been a very long time since I did a Me & Mine post. I absolutely love these posts but I either forget to take the photos (which is the whole point in the posts anyway!) or forget I’ve taken the photo and so never post it. I know, go figure.

Anyway, I’m really determined this year (I say this every year) to try and get more photos of us all together. Family is so precious and time rolls on so fast that you blink and miss it. Getting photos of us all together is so important for Luca to look back on in years to come and it is such a lovely way to celebrate a family growing and changing.

So here is my first post of the year. Me & Mine in January when we were having an absolute ball in Disneyland. 4 days of uninterrupted family time and it was absolute perfection.

It was quite simply THE BEST way to start a new year. Hopefully a new year full of all the things we are wishing and dreaming of, and hopefully we may welcome a new addition to the family this year too. Fingers crossed.

Me & Mine ~ March 2016

This months photo was taken in Sandsend on Mother’s Day just as the sun was starting to set on what had been one of the best days ever.  You can read all about our time in Sandsend in my Mother’s Day post but I think this photo sums up the day brilliantly.  It was cold, it rained, snowed and hail stoned but we spent hours on the beach digging, throwing stones, collecting shells and pieces of quartz, splashing in the river that runs into the sea and watching the ducks.  We laughed a lot and I was surrounded by the most important people in my life.  It was absolute perfection and I know it will be one of my favourite days ever for a really long time.

Continue reading

Me & Mine – February 2016

After promising myself I would try harder this year to take more photos of us as a family I only managed to take one of us this month, a grainy iPhone snap, shot at dusk as well.  I’m going to blame it on being the shortest month so the end crept up on me before I had realised.  

Anyway, it’s a photo I took of us on a lovely family walk around Anglers Country Park where we were having the best time discovering the Room on the Broom trail.
I’m windswept and not wearing any makeup and you can only just see Luca but it is what it is and it captures a day I will cherish for a long time.  Sometimes the rubbish, grainy iPhone captures are the best, despite the poor quality it was us doing what we do best as a family, goofing around and laughing whilst splashing in puddles and squelching through mud.

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Me & Mine January 2016 & Catch Up

Me & Mine is one of my favourite linkys.  I love that it made me realise we didn’t have many photos of us all together as a family and made me start to take photos of us all rather than just one of us with Luca.   

In December 2014 I did a catch up post after missing a few months.  Then I realised that after that catch up post I never actually posted any more despite trying to take photos of us as a family every month.  

So here are those family photos that I did manage to take in 2015 that I never actually shared as well as a new commitment to posting a family photo once a month again for 2016. 

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Me & Mine Catch Up

I have fallen behind massively with this here blog.  I have half finished blog posts from summer that I just never got around to finishing and I’ve missed lots of Me & Mine photos despite making an effort to capture them.  Our last one was way back in July!!! 

So here are our catch up photos, as although I haven’t posted them we have been taking them, well I say that, we are missing one for September.  That is one thing I am grateful to this project for, drilling it into me to take more photos of us as a family as we now have some wonderful photos of us all together. 

So here they are:

We had a wonderful two weeks off as a family in August, and although we didn’t get to go on holiday, as in sun and sea, we made the most of our time together and went on lots of days out together.  I managed to get loads of photos of us as a family and I’ve got two photos for this month as I couldn’t narrow it down any further.
This one was taken at a playground where we all messed around for ages just playing and being kids together.

The second, was taken at York Maze in the finger print maze. Luca loved trying to find all the colours and we again were having so much fun.  

For some reason we have very few photo from September. None at all on my DSLR and only a few on my phone.  Absolutely none of us together. Boo!

We had lots of fun again in October, including taking Luca to the beach for the first time. Bad mum I know but I hate the seaside. Plus it’s October, which means Halloween and pumpkins etc. Would be impossible to not have fun in October.
Despite taking a few lovely photos on my DSLR, my absolute favourite from this month is this one I captured on my phone with the help of a giant chess piece that it was rested on.


We have had another month with very little in the way of photos (what did I say before about I’ve been good at getting them?!?) but we did get a few selfies on our phones. This is another favourite as it’s filled with pure cheekiness from the littlest one of us. When we went to take the photo he grabbed my dad’s beer so he had one to hold up too. He is ridiculously cheeky and I love it. 

So there we are, all caught up and ready for December. The final one of the year and I’m sure we will have lots to choose from, after all, who doesn’t take lots of photos over the festive season?

dear beautiful