Making a house our home

As I’ve said before I am desperate for our own home and we are in the process of saving up our deposit, it’s on my to do list.   I cannot wait to get stuck into decorating exactly how I want and as outrageously as I want which I can’t do in our rented apartment.  Recently I have fallen out of love with our little nest, I think purely because I want our own place so badly, especially now I’m starting to feel a little more broody.  There is simply no space to spare here and so a baby is just out of the question.

Instead of letting myself get down in the dumps over it I have had a stern word with myself and learnt to love it once again. No, our home may not actually be our own but we have put our stamp on this place and  learnt to be creative with the space we have (which really isn’t much).  
So here are my top tips on how to make a rented house your own, and therefore a home.

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