Dressing the Bump in BooHoo Maternity

So you may remember that I posted about how pregnancy really makes me lose myself.  I lose lots of confidence when pregnant and think it’s really important to practice self-care and take the time to dress in a way you still feel like you.

Well, thanks to the lovely folks over at BooHoo, these past two weeks I’ve been dressing in clothes that really make me feel myself again and it really has helped me step out of the door feeling much happier and more confident.

When they offered to send me some bits from their maternity range I spent ages deliberating over what to choose.  I think with maternity wear it makes sense to get stuff that will last the whole way through your pregnancy.  Things that will transition through seasons and also that can be worn in a number of different ways.   The few bits that I decided on are quite simple but it’s the staples that really count I think.  Having wardrobe staples that are flexible and can be worn in many ways means you always have something to throw on, no matter what you are doing or the weather. Continue reading

I've got the Fever!

As your probably aware I very rarely write fashion related posts. In fact I think I’ve only ever done it once before.  There isn’t really a reason for this and it is something I would like to do more often, so what better way to get the ball rolling than with the gorgeous dress I wore last weekend for Vicki’s birthday

I, along with the other beautiful ladies that attended her birthday meal, were all very kindly gifted a dress by Fever London and didn’t we all look absolutely fabulous in them (am I allowed to say that?).

Me, Hannah, Zaz, Vicki, Mirka & Katie
 All of Fever London’s designs, whether their dresses, seperates or workwear are all influenced by original vintage fashion, so as a lover of all things vintage, especially clothes (did you see my wedding)  this brand is perfect for me. I’ve already got my eye on a few other pieces I love, I am definitely a fan.

After perusing the site a number of times I finally settled on this Athens Dress.

I teamed it with a silver statement necklace that my husband bought me from a boutique in Skipton (just before he proposed to me), a wire heart ring and some killer black and silver heels from New Look. 
Nipped in at the waist this dress is a flattering fit yet so comfortable, even after eating enough to feed me for the month.

Simple yet chic, it’s so versatile.  It can be easily dressed up or down for any occasion and I just know it will be a dress I come back to again and again. In fact I’m already thinking about wearing it for my surprise date night next week and how I should style it.

As you can see from above, the other ladies all looked stunning, in fact, drop dead gorgeous in their choices too.  Catering for 6 ladies all with very different personal style with only one brand should  be a challenge but Fever London literally have something for everyone and managed to pull it off.

The birthday girl herself looked absolutely beautiful as usual.

I’m pretty sure we were the best dressed that night by a mile and we all felt a million dollars whilst celebrating the wonderful Vicki’s birthday. 
Thank you Fever London.

*disclaimer* I was very kindly sent this dress to wear for the night but all words and opinions are my own.

Food, Fizz & Friends

When I first started this blog I never really thought it would be anything other than a place to record our memories as a family. However, alongside Twitter it has allowed me to connect with some truly amazing and inspirational ladies. Some of these ladies have gone on to become friends and last weekend I was invited to join Vicki (who blogs over at Honest Mum and Mummy’s Got Style) to help celebrate her birthday and blogiversary along with these beauties; Katie (Pouting in Heels), Hannah (Mums Days), Zaz (Mama and More) & Mirka (All Baby Advice).  

from left to right; Vicki, Hannah, me, Mirka, Zaz, Katie
In all honesty I was a little nervous about this blogger get together. I have met Vicki & Katie a few times before but never the others.  I can’t quite put my finger on why I was nervous but it turns out I had absolutely no need to be.  Together we all had an absolute blast.

We all convened at Vicki’s parents house to do some posing in our beautiful outfits (which were very kindly gifted to us by Fever London, more on that tomorrow with photos of us all looking gorgeous) and generally do what bloggers do, take photos! Before long the volume was raised as we all laughed and chatted away.  

After we had all bagged our shots we headed over to The Olive Tree, which is owned by Vicki’s parents.  Sipping glasses of our preferred poison, rum and coke in my case, we all got nattering and apart from to laugh we didn’t stop nattering all night.
Once we sat down for our meal the champagne started flowing and we did some more posing.  Mirka & Zaz were serenaded by George, the resident musician.  You can’t blame the man for trying can you, they are both beautiful ladies.

Now I put my hands up, I have never had Greek food before, apart from tzatziki and humous which I’ve never been overly impressed with.  So it’s safe to say I wasn’t entirely sure it was going to be my cup of tea.  How wrong I was!  We were treated to the seafood, vegetarian and meat meze over three courses.  The first of which consisted of a sea food salad, greek salad and warm, fresh pitta bread to dip in the mixed Greek dips.  It was all delicious, especially the aubergine dip thing that I cannot remember the name.  We asked for extra it was so yummy.

After we had polished off all of the first course, Vicki got us all tearing up the dance floor Greek style. Opa!

Then came out the plates for some traditional plate smashing.  How mischievous does Vicki look here:

Next up was more amazing food.  Another seafood platter with whitebait & calamari.
A meat platter with meatballs and chicken kebabs and the veggy platter for me, which I can honestly say was all lush.
More dancing, where Vicki and her Dad Papa G, showed us all how it is really done.  
We were even graced by the head chef who showed off his dancing skills too.

Could she get any sexier??
Third course then arrived and by this point I knew how appetising it all was and so in my excitement to get it in my face, I only took notice of my veggy stuff so you’ll have to check the other girls blog posts out for what they had.  Mine consisted of moussaka and spinach pie teamed with the most delicious rice I have ever had. I think I could of just eaten the rice on its own it was so tasty.

No more dancing by this point, we all had bellyfuls of truly scrumptious food and I honestly thought I couldn’t eat another thing.  Until this…

Cupcakes by Sprinkled Magic followed by Hotel Chocolat’s Chocolate Dipping Adventure which was mouth watering.  I ate a few too many marshmallows and biscuit bits and strawberries dipped in heavenly dark, milk and white chocolate!  Oh and no matter what she may tell you I did not drip melted chocolate all over Hannah’s bag.  I seem to remember her being the one who couldn’t get it to her mouth!! 

If you are ever in the area (Leeds) then you must go visit The Olive Tree, the food was utterly delicious and the staff were so friendly and accomodating.  

The evening of eating and dancing was all interspersed with lots of laughing & chatting.  I think a few of us declared that we were about to pee ourselves a few times and my abs and face muscles were given a good workout.  These ladies are absolutely wonderful and between us all we most definitely had a blast.  It was lovely to finally meet Zaz, Mirka & Hannah, ladies who I have chatted to on Twitter and who I can now say I also click with in real life too.

I also wanted to thank Zaz, who gave me such a lovely compliment when we were all posing for pictures in the restaurant, that it’s put a spring in my step for days and one I think I will always remember. 
Together these girls have reminded me that real women are strong, inspirational and a force to be reckoned with, especially as a group and I feel lucky to be part of that. 

So thank you Vicki for inviting me to celebrate with you and to you all for making it a night to remember.  I think we should make it at least an annual thing, what do you say ladies??

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