To Do List 2018

So we are already two months into 2018, it’s gone crazy fast and I haven’t had a chance to sit down and work out what I want to achieve this year yet. This is something I’ve been doing for the past 4 years, I make myself a little list of things I want to do. So rather than have resolutions I’m destined to not fulfil and then beat myself up about, I instead think of all the things I’d really love to do. Then I can look back at the end of the year and appreciate all the stuff I achieved.  Anything left over that I still want to do rolls over to another year. It’s an awesome way to really try to tick off those things on your ‘bucket list’. For example in 2016 I fulfilled a lifetimes dream of learning to snowboard. So I’ve pulled together some things I want to do in 2018 but first I’m going to have a quick recap of 2017’s list and what I managed to tick off.

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Me & Mine – January 2018

Let’s pretend I’m not posting this a whole month late.  It’s been a very long time since I did a Me & Mine post. I absolutely love these posts but I either forget to take the photos (which is the whole point in the posts anyway!) or forget I’ve taken the photo and so never post it. I know, go figure.

Anyway, I’m really determined this year (I say this every year) to try and get more photos of us all together. Family is so precious and time rolls on so fast that you blink and miss it. Getting photos of us all together is so important for Luca to look back on in years to come and it is such a lovely way to celebrate a family growing and changing.

So here is my first post of the year. Me & Mine in January when we were having an absolute ball in Disneyland. 4 days of uninterrupted family time and it was absolute perfection.

It was quite simply THE BEST way to start a new year. Hopefully a new year full of all the things we are wishing and dreaming of, and hopefully we may welcome a new addition to the family this year too. Fingers crossed.

The easy way to care for your dogs teeth.

After a rocky start to his life, Ronnie is really happy now he lives here with us.  He seems to be anyway.  And since coming to live with us I’ve done everything I can to make his forever home the best one possible.  From awesome toys, long dog walks and super comfy beds to sleep on to his diet and health and everything in between.

I’ve made sure we are feeding him the best food we possibly can, to keep him fit and healthy.  He is up to date with all his vaccinations and he gets regular baths to get rid of all the mud he accumulates on his walks (who thought a white dog was a good idea?). Also, nobody wants to cuddle a smelly dog, despite how good looking they are.  We’ve also been doing our best to look after those huge pearly whites he has.

Ronnie is still quite young so his teeth are still beautifully white and healthy.  Which means he also has lovely breath, which is a bonus as he’s partial to a sneaky kiss every now and again. I’m sure he knows I hate it. Continue reading

A Stolen Future

It’s taken me a long time to write this post. I started it in September and have come back to it time and time again. I just couldn’t find the words or express anything properly but I’m finally at a point where I think it makes sense. It’s then taken me a while longer to publish it because it’s still very raw and has left me feeling a bit vulnerable but I wanted to post it as I truly think it needs to be spoken about so much more than it is. To help people understand what it is like and for people to feel like they aren’t alone.

It wasn’t long ago I posted about us deciding to try for another baby. We were really lucky that we fell pregnant quickly. I know so many people who have struggled to fall pregnant and have had the stress of months and even years of trying. We were over the moon knowing we had fallen on so quickly and were able to give Luca the sibling he has been asking us for.

We found out really early, mostly because I just knew. I was one day late for my period and decided I couldn’t wait to find out any longer. It was the day we took Luca to Nostell Priory with his friend in the holidays and I can remember the joy and elation both Ant and I felt all day. We wandered around those woods with ridiculous happy faces and our little secret. After a week or so of knowing we started to make lists of names, Pinterest boards for nursery design and plans for bump photos.

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How to Stop Your Dog Sleeping on Your Bed.

Ronnie’s favourite sleeping places, since the day we have had him, have been the sofa and our beds. The sofa was fair game for him and we didn’t mind him getting all snuggled up on there until we forked out for a new one.  Now the sofa is out-of-bounds.  This meant whenever he fancied a nap he made a beeline for our bed.  Despite having a bed of his own.

In fact, in the 7 months he has lived with us he has had three dog beds. THREE! None of them were anywhere near as good as our bed to sleep on though.  So clearly a comfy dog bed is hard to come by, never mind one that ticks all the other boxes. Continue reading

DIY Hampers from Farmer Copley’s & a Giveaway

It’s December, which means Christmas is well and truly on its way. The countdown is on!! It also means that if you haven’t started your shopping yet you really need to. But don’t panic, I’ve got a perfect idea for you to cross a few of those loved ones off your list. 

This week I popped into Farmer Copley’s (yes, again! I can’t help it) to look at all the Christmas bits and to put together a hamper for my grandma for Christmas. Everyone knows grandparents love a hamper right. I decided to go to Farmer Copley’s for it as they do DIY hampers.  Meaning you can fill it with the things you know the person you are buying for likes and that it will be gratefully received.  It also means it doesn’t have any of the things they may not want if you buy them pre-made, making it much more personal and thoughtful. Continue reading

Annual Pumpkin Picking at Farmer Copley’s

Autumn is in full swing, Halloween is just around the corner and this year I have my very own house to decorate for the occasion!  Skeletons, cobwebs, witches and pumpkins.  Lots and lots of pumpkins.  And we know only one place for pumpkin picking. Farmer Copley’s.

It’s become a bit of a family tradition for us now to visit Farmer Copley’s every year and pick out our pumpkins to decorate the house for Halloween.  It’s a good excuse to get outside in the fresh air and tramp through a field for an hour or so.   Continue reading

Deciding to try for another baby.

Having another baby has been out of the question for a while.  Where we lived before was too small, we just didn’t have the space for another person.  It was never an option and when people would ask when we were going to have another I used to get really annoyed. It was almost like a kick in the stomach each time as it wasn’t our choice not to have another. It just wasn’t possible.  We would often be told that “if you really wanted one you would find space” like we hadn’t weighed that option up. There wasn’t any spare.  We were already stressed living on top of each other and adding someone else to that mix was going to just make things a million times worse. More arguments when we got in each other’s way in the kitchen or when we couldn’t find what we needed as everything was behind 5 other things. So yes, a baby was always a no go. Continue reading

Meet the Newest Addition to our Chaos, Wonderful Ronnie!

When we knew we were getting our own home we started to get excited about the prospect of getting a dog.  Both Ant and I grew up with dogs and our families have always had dogs since I can remember. To not have a hound of our own always felt a bit strange. Like there was a hole in our family unit.  A dog shaped hole.

There isn’t anything quite like having a dog when you’re a child. A four-legged best friend is a pretty special thing. My childhood bestie was called Scrappy and he was one hell of a hound. I could go on about all the amazing things he did for days but let’s just put it this way, Marley & Me had nothing on our Scrap. As you can tell I have so many fond memories of him and I really wanted Luca to have that same experience.

Once we had moved we started to scour dog rescue websites to find the perfect furry friend. After weeks of daily searching, we finally stumbled across Ronnie.  A young Labrador cross in need of his furever home. Continue reading

Summer Fun in the Woods at Nostell Priory

Nostell Priory is about half an hour from our house yet it’s somewhere we have never visited. Until now.

We saw that over the summer holidays they had loads and loads of activities on offer to keep the kids entertained. Most of them were activities from the National Trust list of 50 Things to do Before You’re 11 3/4. We’ve been working our way through the list slowly but surely so having somewhere close by that makes ticking some of them off without having to plan them yourself is always a bonus.

In fact, we had so much fun we visited twice.

The first visit was for the geocaching event.  We took Luca and his friend Kieran.  After a quick briefing from the geocaching expert, we were handed our GPS device and sent on our way.  The boys absolutely loved following the compass and watching the metres count down to the geocaches before searching around to find the hidden container. Continue reading