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I love finding unusual things to do as a family and when I found out that there was a drive-in cinema locally to us I knew I wanted to go.  Moonlight Drive-In Cinema is located at Diggerland in Castleford but they also have a site in Kent as well.

I’m a 50’s girl at heart, I love everything about the 1950’s, the cars, the fashion, the hairstyles.  So much so that we had a 50’s/rockabilly style wedding and danced (or should I say jived) all night to rock n roll.  It was my absolute dream.  And so the idea of a drive-in cinema really appealed to me.

We found out that they were showing The Incredibles 2 towards the end of the summer holidays and so as a last treat we took Luca to watch it from the comfort of our car.

In preparation we went and bought some treats, and, with the 50’s theme in mind we chose a big box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts and popcorn.  We filled the car with pillows and blankets and all put our pj’s on.  Well if you can’t watch a film in your pj’s in the comfort of your own car then what’s the point?

We then set off nice and early to try to get a good spot as it’s first come first served so we didn’t want to end up miles away from the screen.  We arrived in plenty of time and had a great spot for the film.  Time to get settled in.  Seats went back, pillows and blankets came out and we tuned the radio into the dedicated channel for the sound.  I got very excited when they started playing some good old 50’s music whilst we waited for the start of the film.  The half-hour we had to wait (told you we got there early) flew by and soon the film was starting.

It was so lovely to be all cosied up together in the car watching a film and we all really enjoyed the experience.  We will definitely go back again for another film, although I think I’d like to go for a date night with Ant next time as Luca did get quite restless towards the end. Having said that, we went to an 8pm showing so he was really tired by the time the movie finished.   I think the showings are a bit earlier now it’s darker on an evening which would be better for him.

The only thing that did disappoint us was that on the website they advertise food is available but when we went there wasn’t anywhere to buy food.  Luckily we had eaten before we went, and we had our doughnuts and popcorn, but if I had have been relying on eating there we would have been really let down by that.

Apart from that everything else was really well organised.  They have covers for car lights for those that can’t turn theirs off, they have jump leads on site in case your battery runs out whilst your there and the toilets on site were easy to find and nice and clean as well.

If you are looking for something a bit different to do with your family, or just as a date night then I highly recommend giving the drive in a go, we had a fantastic night.

Disclaimer* – We were very kindly gifted the ticket to the drive-in cinema in exchange for this review. however, as always, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are all my own and completely honest.

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