There’s a party in the woods.

Luca turned six at the start of July and for months beforehand we spent hours searching for birthday party ideas.

I hate soft play and we go to enough soft play parties that I knew I didn’t want to add our own into the mix.  Some of the other ideas we had turned out to be ridiculously expensive for what you got and so we got a bit stuck.  Being pregnant I didn’t really want to host a party at our house this year either.

Then a friend of a friend suggested Greenman Learning.

Greenman Learning is a forest school local to us who hold all sorts of classes for both children and adults, and holiday schemes, but they also host parties too. It sounded perfect as we love being outdoors and for a summer party where better to be than in the woods?

We invited 15 of Luca’s friends to come and join us on the Sunday before his birthday and the weather was absolutely glorious for it.

The party starts with the kids being led through the woods to the clearing where the campfire is.

They started with a quick briefing of the rules, basically don’t go out of the fenced zone, and then the games began.

A massive game of hide & seek was first up, with the seeker having to stay by a big tree to try and spot kids who had gone and hidden. But the kids hiding only had 10 secs to find somewhere to hide. They all thought it was hilarious and it was a great way for them to burn off some energy before they had to concentrate for the next part.

Fire lighting and wood shaving. Luca spent ages peeling his wooden stick, which they had to find themselves, before decorating it to become a magic wand. He didn’t get around to fire lighting but he does this a lot at my parents’ house anyway so wasn’t that bothered.

After that the kids were free to go and explore what the woods had to offer with the promise of a rope swing if they looked hard enough. They all set off running to find the rope swing and once they had located it, with some help, they spent ages taking it in turns to swing over the ravine bit where the stream runs in wetter weather.

After that some of the kids peeled off to have a go at making a den which honestly, I think Ant enjoyed more than they did. No surprises there.

By this point, the campfire had been lit and it was time for some lunch cooked on it.

There was hot dogs and tortilla pizzas for everyone. And there was loads. All the adults that stayed for the party got some too which was a nice treat. No snaffling the leftover sausage rolls of their plate like you usually do.

Then for pudding they made s’mores on the campfire. And again, enough for adults to make some too. It was ace.

After the obligatory cake, singing and candle blowing they had a little more time to go and play in the woods before it was time to go home.

All his friends had a great time and Luca said he wants to do it again next year as well. And at £150 for 15 kids I’m more than happy to oblige. We all had such a fun time, it was such a relaxed party and the kids were engaged the whole time they were there.  If you live in the Yorkshire area we would highly recommend looking into them.

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