Sunflower Picking at Farmer Copley’s

One of my favourite parts of the year is our trip to Farmer Copley’s for some pumpkin picking.  Well this year, they have opened up a new part of the farm for some PYO fun, this time sunflowers!!!!  And I think it’s also gonna be an annual trip for us.

I went along with my friend Sam to grab some lunch and then go find the sunflowers. We were really surprised to find it so quiet and the whole time we were there we were alone in the field.

The field stretches out in a sea of yellow and orange dancing flowers of lots of different varieties, which made our job of picking the ones we wanted rather difficult, to say the least.  Luca was really into it, to begin with, hunting out the ones he liked, but soon got bored when Mummy was being a bit too picky for his liking.  There were bees galore buzzing around and enjoying the beautiful blooms just as much as we were.



After wandering around for quite a while we finally made our choices. We chose three different types of sunflower, and Sam did the same.  And neither of us chose any “traditional” ones.  The big fluffy orange ones were my favourite and looked gorgeous in my kitchen window.

The flowers are £2 a stem or 3 for £5.  A stem includes however many flowers are on it, so some of the stems we chose had up to 5 flower heads on them.  Sunflowers really brighten up any home but having so many scattered about was such a treat.

My only advice would be to think about how you are transporting them home, a few of ours got squashed so you’d probably be better holding them on your knee (if you’re the passenger) than laying them in the boot.  Also because you pull them up from the roots take some bags to put around the bottom of them in if you don’t want mud all over your car.  And lastly, make it the last thing you do before you go home so you can get them into some water as quickly as possible to keep them looking their best.

*Disclaimer – I paid for the sunflowers and lunch myself, all opinions are my own as usual*

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