Luca is 6!

At the start of July, this little poop face turned 6.  I mean, bloody six, that means we are creeping closer to double figures now.  I’m not sure I can deal with this.  I want him to stay my gorgeous, loving, cuddly little boy forever.  Not turn into a grotty teenager.

This last year, in all honesty, has been a tough one.  He went through a phase of really not listening to what was being asked of him and both myself and Ant have shouted a lot more than we would like to at him.  He also started to backchat, developed a HUGE attitude and a temper to match it.  But over the past few months, this seems to have slowly sorted itself out and as I type this we are back to affectionate, funny, cheeky Luca.  The best version of him.

Although it’s been a tough year, he has also made us so proud.  He settled into his new class without any issues at all.  We do occasionally get the ‘I don’t feel well’ on a morning but he never puts up a fuss when I tell him it’s tough.  He’s flying with his reading now and doing really well with his maths too.  He’s friendly and encouraging to his peers.  Although he can be a total chatterbox too.  That’s at home and at school.  I have no idea where he gets it from either. *cough cough*

His motor skills have also come on massively since we moved house.  He’s much more confident in his abilities to do things like climb and balance as he is doing lots more of it in the garden.  I think all the dog walks help too as he is having to do much more walking than before.   In fact, he absolutely smashed a giant inflatable obstacle course last weekend as well.  Kicking his Daddy and his friends arse at it.   All these things seem to have made him braver too and his independence is really starting to show.

I honestly, can’t tell you the difference a year has made.  He’s really lost all those traces of being a baby now.  He’s even sleeping better which is a welcome improvement.  And so like I do every year with him, I’ve asked him some questions all about his life.  And here is what he said;

What is your favourite food?  Pizza

What is your favourite colour? Gold

What is your favourite film? Peter Rabbit

What is your favourite TV show? Bing

What is your favourite treat? Sweets, lollipops.

What is your favourite book? The Gruffalo

What is your favourite animal? Cat

What is your favourite song? Mr Blue Sky by ELO

What is your favourite fruit? Strawberries

What is your favourite vegetable? Carrot

Where is your favourite place to go? The beach, the arcades at the beach.

Is there a place you really want to go? America

Who is your best friend? Rowan

What do you like to do with mummy? Read

What do you like to do with daddy? Play

What do you want to be when you grow up? Police Officer

What makes you happy? Tickles

What makes you sad? When people shout

What is your favourite thing about school? Learning

What is your favourite toy? My dinosaur, the brown one.

What do you like to do outside? Do water guns

Whats your favourite drink? Coca Cola

What scares you? Monsters

What’s your most favourite thing in the whole wide world? Characters, like ones from movies.

You can see what he said when he turned 5 in this post to see the difference in a year.  I have a really strong feeling that six to seven is going to be an even bigger change for this one, especially as he will be a big brother soon.

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