Losing Yourself When Pregnant

I don’t think I’m alone in finding pregnancy a really difficult time. For a number of reasons but mostly for me with my first pregnancy I really felt like I lost who I was as a person. Even before becoming a mum, which then made me lose myself even more but that’s a whole other post.

Once I started to get bigger and my clothes stopped fitting me I really lost my sense of style. Maternity wear can be so expensive and because most of the time I needed clothes quite quickly I bought things spur of the moment or because I needed them, not because I liked them. It wasn’t long before none of my clothes were really me and therefore I felt a bit lost and uncomfortable in what I was wearing.

Then as the bump got even bigger I no longer recognised my body. Add that to the lack of confidence in my clothes and you can see how easy it is to quickly lose who you are. It may sound vain but your sense of style is a big part of who you are. Or at least I think it is. And I think even if you’re having a day with little confidence if you stick on your favourite pair of jeans it does a lot to help. So not having those clothes to help boost yourself up can leave you feeling pretty deflated.

It has taken a really long time to find myself again since becoming a mum. Luca is six now and I was only just really starting to feel confident in my own skin again, both clothed and unclothed, when I fell pregnant again. So I swore that this time around I wouldn’t fall into the trap of buying maternity clothes just because I needed them. I would only buy them if I actually liked them as well.

I’m now 23 weeks pregnant, and so far I’ve only bought two pairs of maternity jeans. Luckily a lot of my old clothes have sufficed until now. I have a drawer full of stretchy vest tops which work well with a bump, an old maternity maxi dress and a few other dresses that have been roomy enough to accommodate the growing bump. However, now the bump is getting to be quite significant in size those old clothes just aren’t cutting it anymore and I can fell my confidence slowly slipping away.

So I’m starting to put together wish lists of clothes that I need but are also true to my style and I know will make me feel good, rather than just a whale in someone’s else clothes.

I’m trying to be clever with what I buy as well. I want stuff that will transition into winter, our baby is due in December so things like dresses that will work now but also with tights and boots for Autumn will be perfect.

So whilst I wait for payday to roll around I’m going to keep scouring websites for those bits and pieces that I want, and hopefully as I grow bigger and bigger, I won’t lose more and more of myself with it.

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