21 Places We Want to Visit This Summer

The summer holidays are fast approaching for us, Luca has less than a week of school left and then we have 7 ish weeks of uninterrupted time together. For once I am not working over the summer break either. I can’t bloody wait, whilst also feeling slightly nervous about how I’m going to entertain him for that many days (46 if you’re actually counting) without completely losing my marbles!! Ant has two weeks off late in August so at least I will have an extra pair of hands around then, but for the most part, it’s just me, the kid, the dog and the bump.

So to help get us through the holidays without too many complaints of boredom, I’ve decided to make a list of places we can go as I always find parenting so much easier when we aren’t locked up in the house. I’ve got both free and cheap days covered for when we aren’t so flush for cash and more expensive ones too. And I’m hoping to do lots of places we haven’t been to yet. The list started off quite small but as I went along more places kept springing to mind. So we probably won’t do all of these things but it’s nice to have a list to refer to if we need it.  I’ve got lots of options to choose from now, depending on the day, and most of them should be dog-friendly too.  Always a bonus.So our list so far looks like this;

Fountains Abbey – I have only ever been here once when I was a teenager with school but I remember it being beautiful then and there is so much to explore.  Perfect for whiling away the day with both child and dog.

Knaresborough – I’ve never been here but the little boats on the river to hire really appeal to me.  I doubt Ronnie will be doing this one with us though.

Thorpe Perrow Arboretum – We discovered this beauty of a place a few years ago and I really like it. Surrounded by beautiful trees, a lake to watch the ducks on, kids play area and the wildlife park where you can hand feed wallabies, it’s worth every penny and there is more than enough to fill the day with.  Again dog-friendly (apart from the wildlife park).

Bolton Abbey – I’ve never been here with Luca, although Ant has.  I really want to go and do the Welly Walk and also watch Ant attempt to cross the stepping stones with Ronnie, like he did last time and ended up in the river instead.   I recently saw that they have an outdoor cinema event going on as well so this one might even get a double date.

Stockeld Park – an absolute summer favourite of ours.  So much to do and leaves Luca exhausted.  Unfortunately, Ronnie can’t come to this one with us.

Burnsall – No summer is complete without a trip here. It holds so many childhood memories for me and it’s another one that Luca always comes home exhausted from and Ronnie loves to play in the river just as much as Luca does.

A North East Beach Weekend – My favourite place to go to the beach. They are just incredible and so far the ones we’ve been to have never been too busy. Plus there is so much else to do around the areas, like visit Alnwick Castle and the Farne Islands.


Hardcastle Craggs – This has been on my places to visit list for a while so I’m hoping to get it ticked off this year.

Scotland – I’d really love to go and visit Scotland, another place I’ve never been so would be a great choice for places to go whilst Ant has some time off over Summer as well.

Lake District – A broad option as there are just so many wonderful places to visit in the Lakes, but a trip up that way one day would be a great day out. Pub lunch by one of the many lakes sounds perfect to me.

Harlow Carr RHS – I’ve been saying we need to go here for absolutely ages. It looks so beautiful but we’ve just not got around to it.  I need to find out if this one is dog-friendly.

North Yorkshire Moors Railway – I’d love to do this one, spending a whole day hopping on and off the train and seeing all the different themed stations along the way. Plus Goathland and the other places the train stops are such picturesque little Yorkshire treasures.  And finishing in Whitby for fish & chips just sounds ace.

Staithes – I’ve never been here but it’s postcard perfect and needs to be visited sometime soon.

Hebden Bridge – I’ve only ever been here for photo walks and courses with Sarah Mason so I’d love to go and properly explore the area.  And I’m sure this is one very dog-friendly little town, in fact, I’m pretty sure they have a doggy cafe.

Williams Den – I’ve seen a few people have been here and it looks absolutely fab for a full day of physical activity for the kids.  Might need Ant for this one though, this Mama ain’t squeezing around soft play anymore with the bump in tow.

Yorkshire Lavender or Wolds Way – because Lavender and bees are my favourites.  That is all.

Danes Dyke – We all visited here in May but there was a sea fret and we couldn’t see more than 20 feet in front of us so I’d love to go back when we can see all the beauty of the place.

Ilkley – So much to do, from the Lido to the river to the moors.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park – Perfect for a picnic and lots of outdoor fun.  And again dog-friendly.


Wentworth Castle – This looks beautiful and every time we drive past the signs for it, I say I want to go.  Maybe this year will be the year for it.

Newby Hall – North Yorkshire based this is another gem of a place to take the kids apparently and it just looks absolutely stunning.

So that’s them all, I’ve deleted a few as the list was getting slightly out of hand and there are always some of our old favourites that we can do as well.   If you can think of anywhere we must try squeeze in a visit to let me know or any hints and tips for places on the list, they are also very welcome.

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