Cooking Up Chaos – Week 18

So I’ve been pretty crap at posting updates weekly (shocker!). So I just thought I’d do them more haphazardly when there are actually things to report as not much seems to change from week to week apart from the odd small things.

Since I last posted though I’ve started to feel the baby move around and now it’s much more frequently. It’s such a lovely feeling and now I am also much less worried all the time as those little kicks throughout the day are very reassuring.  I’m still getting the weird poking out things and wonky belly as well.

I’ve also started with the joys of hip pain and heartburn since I last posted, BUT the headaches have gone.  You win some you lose some right?  I still can’t drink tea or coffee and the foods I’m averse to seems to be slowly growing.  I’m still not craving anything though.  Well, that’s a lie, I occasionally crave something but that something changes each time.

Ronnie has got really annoying recently.  He has to be close to me at all times, preferably touching me if he can.  It’s cute when he does things like rest his head on my foot or sneak into bed with me on a morning for a cuddle when Ant’s gone to work.  It’s less cute when he comes to the bathroom with me and rests his head on my knickers.

We’ve also finally agreed on finding out the sex of the baby next week.  Ant wanted to keep it a surprise whereas I don’t do surprises and am desperate to find out.  I also think it will be good for Luca to find out as well as he wants a baby sister so badly.  If it’s not a girl then at least we can get him used to the idea of a baby brother instead.   Plus I can start thinking about how I want to decorate the nursery and start buying clothes too.  It’s all very exciting.  We did buy lots of bits a few weeks ago though in preparation, like a pram, car seat and bedside crib.  We decided we needed to get some stuff signed off before it gets too close to Christmas and spread the cost of having a baby so close to Christmas and the cost of Christmas itself!!

It also means we can really start to think about baby names, which we are both horrendous at as we can never agree on anything.

In the past few weeks, the bump has also started to come along.  People are now asking me if I am pregnant on the school run and things, although still very cautiously, as I haven’t really had much of a bump until a couple of weeks ago.

I’m still doing my PT sessions each week, although the hip pain means I’m having to take it much slower than I was doing, which I’m finding quite frustrating as I’d just really started to enjoy all the sessions and really started to push myself.  I think I’m going to start going swimming and maybe doing some pregnancy yoga too to up the exercise levels even more.

After seeing a consultant a few weeks ago I have been given the green light for a natural home birth and I’m now on the caseload for the home birth team who will be doing all my antenatal care from now on.  Which means, all being well, this baby will be born at home.  I’m very excited about that as my labour and birth with Luca was completely taken out of my control and not what I had been hoping for at all.  The thought of giving birth at home,  probably in a pool, is the dream.  I just really hope it comes off.


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