Cooking up Chaos – Week 4 – 12

Welcome to my weekly pregnancy update.   This is quite a long one to catch you up over the previous weeks that have got us to this point but after this, I am hoping to just give you a quick weekly update to share with you how this pregnancy is going and the journey to us becoming a family of 4!!  It feels very odd writing that.

Week 4

So I found out I am pregnant today. I took a test really late at night as I had a spa day planned for tomorrow to celebrate my 30th. My period is late by a few days but I wasn’t really expecting to see those blue lines appear.  I had a feeling I might be pregnant but honestly just thought it was because I really wanted to be.  So those faint blue lines were such a lovely surprise.  I was home alone as well as Ant was working a late shift so had to wait what felt like ages to tell him.

Told a few of my friends at the spa today. It was pretty obvious something was amiss as I wasn’t going in the hot tub or sauna etc. Everyone is very excited whereas at the minute I’m just terrified I’m going to lose this one too.

Week 5

The lovely pregnancy symptoms are all starting to kick in this week.  I’m feeling pretty bleurgh all the time and I have really bad insomnia.  I’m so tired I feel like I could sleep for a week.   I really hope that all the symptoms mean that this baby is a sticky one.

And the symptoms have ramped up another level.  I still can’t sleep, feel absolutely crappy all the time and I know I’m really irritable and keep having mood swings.   I’m also really smell sensitive and keep getting waves of nausea.  Oh and I’m pretty sure I’ve had heartburn too.  I’m sure I didn’t get heartburn so early on with Luca.

I’ve been talking to Ant about going for an early reassurance scan, just to help ease my mind a little bit that everything is ok.  I’m not sure whether to or not. I’m not thinking about this baby as much as I was last time, I think I’m just trying to protect myself a little bit in case the worst happens again.

Week 6

We’ve made it to week 6, this is when our last baby’s heart stopped beating so it feels like a bit of a milestone.  Although it’s also made me worry more that we’ve lost this one too and I just don’t know it yet.

I’ve been getting some pinching and cramping pains today which have got me worrying again, so we have booked an early scan just for that little bit of reassurance that everything is still ok in there.

The food cravings have begun, I need mash!!!!

Week 7

We went for our scan today and baby is fine.  It’s in the right place and has a nice strong heartbeat.  It’s lovely to know it’s all going to plan but I’m not sure it’s actually made me feel any better.  I’m still very aware that we are still very much in the danger zone.  I think I just need to get to that 12-week scan and then I might start to believe that everything will be fine.

We told Luca about the baby this week as I think he’s very aware that something isn’t quite right with me.  He seems really happy to be having a brother or a sister on the way.  Although he’s requested a sister so fingers crossed.   He did also say that he thinks it might just be a grass seed stuck in my belly like Ronnie got stuck in his foot!

Week 8

I’m having so many food cravings.  Something else I don’t remember having with Luca.  It goes from heaps of veg, to cold custard.

Week 9

Still feeling utterly crappy.  And still feeling really worried.

Week 10

Finally had my midwife appointment this week.  It feels like it’s taken so long for it to come around.  They are supportive of me having a home birth as long as I don’t get Obstetric Cholestasis again so that’s made me feel a little brighter.   It’s just a waiting game now for the scan date to come through.

I didn’t need to wait long. Our appointment arrived in the post today and it’s only a week away.  It’s going to be the longest week.

Week 11

It’s half term this week and it’s completely wiping me out.  We haven’t really done anything as I just don’t have the energy for it.

I sat on the sofa tonight and stretched out and all of a sudden felt this very odd sensation and pressure feeling.  In a total panic I undid my jeans and discovered a big bump sticking up just above my pubic bone.  Ant touched it and could feel lots of wiggling underneath it before it swiftly disappeared again.  It’s way too early to even feel this baby move, never mind see it isn’t it?

Week 12

It’s scan day, and I’m exactly 12 weeks today by dates.  I’m so nervous but also so so excited.

The scan went perfectly and we got to see our very wiggly baby.  I could feel it wiggling away under the monitor thing as the lovely sonographer got some beautiful pictures of baby.  Everything is absolutely as it should be and I’m so very relieved.   They have moved my dates on quite a lot though and have put me at 12+5!   I can hopefully begin to enjoy this now.

We also went to see the consultant to discuss my birth plan for this baby as I had a third degree tear last time.  Again the consultant is more than happy for me to have a home birth so now we just have to cross our fingers that OC doesn’t crop up again for me.

Took our scan photo home to show Luca that Grass Seed is in fact a baby and he was very impressed that you could see it’s leg and toes etc.  Roll on the 20 week scan when we can find out what we are having.




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