Me & Mine – March 2018

As always I’m late posting our photo for the Me & Mine project. Honestly, I need to make a system for keeping up with blog stuff. I actually remembered to get the photo but then totally forgot to post it. Go figure.

Anyway, March was a busy month for us. We had so much snow. Like tons of it, which Luca loved because it meant snow days. I, on the other hand, managed to lose my house keys in it which wasn’t so much fun.

I went on a date with Ant to see Paloma Faith at First Direct Arena. She was absolutely amazing!

I also went on a photography retreat run by the ever so talented Sarah Mason, she’s here on Instagram and you should definitely go follow her. She took our wedding photos and is just fabulous and the retreat was A-MAZING. I’ll be writing all about it soon.

Ronnie injured his foot and had to have an operation on it, which took what felt like forever to heal. He was restricted to lead walks only and drove me up the wall with all his pent-up energy he couldn’t burn off.

We had a few days down at the stables riding as well. We had to take Ronnie with us due to the foot issue and he was in his element surrounded by all the horses. He may just end up being able to come riding with me one day.

Oh and we had our whole garden dug up as it was like a bog after all the snow as there wasn’t any drainage system in place from when the house was built. So as I type this I’m sat on my patio in the sun, not allowed to walk on our newly laid grass and making the dog stay beside me on his bed. Not fun when it’s glorious weather.

Apart from all that we didn’t go anywhere too exciting so our photo this month was taken in the living room one evening before we had our tea. It’s not the best photo but it’s the best I could get.  And it’s us, all of us. In our home just enjoying each other’s company.

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