Me & Mine – February 2018

So I may have only just posted our photo from January but it’s time for our February one as well.

It’s been a funny old month, we’ve celebrated friends birthdays, managed to get a date day together, visited a museum, dealt with the huge amounts of snow that fell, had lots of play dates and dog walks and Luca had a fab parents evening.

Overall it hasn’t been a bad old month, but it’s been a fast one. I didn’t get a proper photo of us all together this month, mostly because Ant has worked a lot of late shifts at work and we haven’t had days off together at the weekends much.

I did snap this though one morning when we were all in bed together, dog included.

It may not be the most professional looking photo but I do really like it. It was us, as we are, just woken up and all snuggling together before the day really began.

Hopefully, next month’s will be a bit more of a considered shot. Someone remind me!

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