How to Stop Your Dog Sleeping on Your Bed.

Ronnie’s favourite sleeping places, since the day we have had him, have been the sofa and our beds. The sofa was fair game for him and we didn’t mind him getting all snuggled up on there until we forked out for a new one.  Now the sofa is out-of-bounds.  This meant whenever he fancied a nap he made a beeline for our bed.  Despite having a bed of his own.

In fact, in the 7 months he has lived with us he has had three dog beds. THREE! None of them were anywhere near as good as our bed to sleep on though.  So clearly a comfy dog bed is hard to come by, never mind one that ticks all the other boxes.

A perfect bed first and foremost needs to be comfortable enough for Ronnie to spend a lot of time snoozing on as in-between causing general chaos and mess, dogs spend a lot of time sleeping.  Plus he’s a rescue and I think he deserves a bit of luxury now he’s not in a rescue kennel anymore. Hence why we let him come on our bed for a cuddle every now and again.

A bed needs to be washable as dogs are generally pretty gross, muddy and stinky. Having a bed with a cover that you can just chuck into the washing machine when it’s needed (once a week in this house) is a massive bonus and high up on the things I NEED in a dog bed. I don’t think Ronnie could really care less about how clean his bed is.

However, he does care about it being big enough.  Despite his knack for contortionism and being able to squeeze himself into seemingly impossible spaces (such as Luca’s bean bag), his bed needs to be big enough for Ronnie to stretch out and fit all his gangly legs onto. In an ideal world about King size would do him nicely.

And lastly, I want it to be pretty. Yes I know, shallow, but when you have a big dog bed in the middle of your house you want it to look nice.  We have just bought our home and have taken lots of time thinking about the furniture we have chosen to decorate our lovely new home, so I wanted a stylish dog bed as well.  Not a brown or khaki green one.  Or a tweed one. Our home isn’t a tweed home.

Our latest one is what I’d call a luxury dog bed and ticks all these boxes.  Ronnie really seems to like it. In fact, I think the memory foam means it’s the comfiest bed he’s ever slept in as he now snores louder than he used to and wakes me up most nights. He now also takes himself to his own bed instead of sneaking upstairs to ours.

So there you have it, the solution to getting the dog into his own bed.  Find the perfect one.  Ronnie’s even has enough room for snuggles with his bestie too. What’s not to love?

*Disclosure – This post was written in collaboration with Raised by Humans. As always all words and opinions are my own*

7 thoughts on “How to Stop Your Dog Sleeping on Your Bed.

  1. Liz says:

    I agree with you, especially that the bed should be easy to clean and of course, it should be pretty too. Don’t think my dog cares too much about these things, she probably like her bed smelly… I mean for her it probably smells great.
    Also, Ronnie is a cutie and looks like a proper good boy.

    • Franki says:

      Why do their beds always smell as well. Stinky hounds.
      I think he’s pretty gorgeous but I’m biased obviously. He is a good boy but he’s also completely bonkers. Xx

  2. FrenchieWiki says:

    My Frenchie doesn’t sleep anywhere except my bed! She loves her bed too though!

    Ronnie is so cute! I can see why you might not want him sleeping on the bed with you… he’s probably three times the size of my dog!! lol

    That bed also looks amazing. It’s definitely not one of those ugly beds you get at any old pet store!

  3. artchee says:

    I’ll have to agree. If the dog has their own comfortable bed to sleep on so they won’t sleep on our beds. I just have an issue with one of our dogs who sticks to much to our mom. He can’t just stay still without being by her side. This is also the case during sleeping time. He would get up to the bed and sleep. If he’s outside of the bedroom, he’ll just cry the whole night.

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