Driving Diggers at Diggerland Yorkshire

Diggerland has been on our list of places to visit for ages. It’s so close to where we live and we’ve said we would take Luca a few times. We finally got to tick Diggerland off our list a few weeks ago.

The first thing we commented on when we arrived at Diggerland was how close the parking was to the entrance. It’s perfect for leaving bits in the car, like a picnic, if you wanted to. You can easily nip out to grab it as long as you get a stamp on your way out so you don’t have to pay on your way back in again.

As we walked through the doors we were greeted by our first digger to sit in for a photo.  Once we had been through the main entrance you walk out into the park itself.  Luca was astounded by all the diggers that greeted us.  Whilst Luca got his head around all the rides to choose from we nipped into the café to grab a coffee. As I ordered coffee’s Luca & Ant jumped on the coin operated, indoor go-karts. I’m not sure who enjoyed it the most.

Diggerland Yorkshire - Wonderful Chaos

Coffee in hand we made our way to the first ride of the day. The Skyshuttle. This ride lifts you 50 feet in the air and made me feel a bit dizzy if I’m honest. However, it was a beautiful view once you were up above the trees.

After that, we headed to the Mini Diggers. Luca couldn’t believe he was about to use a digger all by himself. In fact, he made Ant go with him as he was a bit unsure. Once that first dig had happened though he was fine on his own for the rest of the rides.

Diggerland Yorkshire - Wonderful Chaos

Diggerland Yorkshire - Wonderful Chaos

We found ourselves just wandering from the first ride to the next as there weren’t any queues. We went just before the school holidays so I think that helped with the waiting times for all the rides.  We also went for the opening time as it was a quieter. As the day went on we did end up queuing for a few of the rides but not for long at all.

We then went on the Train, the Safari, the Mini Tractors and the Dig-A-Round. This is like a merry-go-round but in buckets and not on horses. The boys loved it.

Diggerland Yorkshire - Wonderful Chaos

After that Luca wanted to drive the Mini Landrovers, which was a little bit awesome. He was absolutely in his element being allowed to drive a “car” around a track all by himself. Over bridges and around a wiggly track.

Diggerland Yorkshire - Wonderful Chaos

By this time the sun was out in full force so we headed over to the Little Tikes Wheelz Play Zone as there were some umbrellas to sit and play under for a bit of shade. Luca tested all the coupe ride ons out before he played with the various sand & water pits that were there. The only thing that would have improved the area would have been to have had the sand pits filled with sand and water. Luca did enjoy them without but would have happily played for hours if they had been full. Having said that I think it’s great to have an area especially for smaller kids and with shade as the park itself has very little shade.

Diggerland Yorkshire - Wonderful Chaos

Diggerland Yorkshire - Wonderful Chaos

Diggerland Yorkshire - Wonderful Chaos

Once we had cooled down a bit Luca decided he wanted some more driving fun and had a go on the coin operated outdoor karts.  This is super cute with little streets to navigate around. Then it was back to the Landrovers once more.

Diggerland Yorkshire - Wonderful Chaos

Ant was itching for a go on another ride and tried his hand at the Stack Attack, a time trial where you use a digger to stack tires on top of each other.  Then Luca wanted to go on the Skittles ride.  This is a digger you use to knock some skittles down with.  He was an absolute pro at it.

Next up was ice-cream.

Diggerland Yorkshire - Wonderful Chaos

After that it was more go-kart action, these ones, however, are free.  If only we had seen these before. Luca drove me around on them twice. He loved them.

Then was the terrifying bit of the day.  Luca took us both for a drive in a HUGE JCB 3CX!  And he actually drove it. Yep, the 5-year-old was let loose behind the wheel of an enormous bit of machinery!  He was in his element. In fact, he looked like he was having so much fun that I wanted a go, so kicked him out of the hot seat.

I think this made him feel really brave and he decided he wanted to go on the Spindizzy ride.  This is basically a digger that has seats in the bucket bit and then spins you around and around and around.  His face was hilarious all the way around.  It’s safe to say he regretted his decision.

Overall we had a great day out.  We visited Diggerland Yorkshire and we loved it.  Us grown-ups enjoyed it just as much as Luca did.  There is so much to play on.  We didn’t do all the rides and spent nearly a whole day there. There is enough to keep young and old entertained and if the rain sets in the have a big indoor soft play area too.

Luca Thought;

“It was great but I didn’t like the Spindizzy.  I did like the Diggers and the Landrovers the most. I liked driving stuff. And bowling.”

Tickets are £16.99 for both children and adults if you book online.  They are £19.95 on the day. Children under 90cm are free and 65+ are £7.99/£9.95 with ID.  It’s not the cheapest day out but we really did have loads of fun and would definitely go again.


disclaimer *We were very kindly gifted our entrance tickets to Diggerland in exchange for our review. as always all thoughts and opinions are honest and my own*

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