Our wonderful new home

We’ve been in our new home for about three months now and I can’t tell you how happy I am living here.  It’s definitely living up to expectations.

Our house move went so smoothly. I think mainly due to the help of ten of our incredible family and friends.  We had unpacked pretty much all the boxes by the end of the day and were sat eating takeaway curry and watching crap tv by about 8pm.  It was a pretty good start to life in our new home.

And it’s just kept on getting better.  All the things I dreamed of in our new home have pretty much come true.  It’s beautiful and I love all the bits we chose, like the tiles and kitchen. It’s also so spacious for a new build house and all the extra space has quite literally saved my sanity.  I feel calmer, happier and a lot less stressed living here. Ant and I argue a lot less too as we aren’t constantly on top of each other and getting in each others way.

Luca is also much happier, not that he wasn’t happy before but he is thriving in our new home.  He absolutely loves having a garden and playing out there.  The first thing he asks when he gets home from school is always “can I go on the trampoline?” or “can we play football?”  One night we headed outside with some of my new work toys, some spray bottles.  The plan was to make patterns on the pavement and fence with them but it soon turned into an impromptu water fight. It was so much fun and our first ever water fight.

The extra space to run and jump and generally play has done wonders for his motor skills which have always been a bit slower to develop than his peers from living a small space before.  He’s so much more confident running, climbing and jumping off things now as he can practice so much more.

I’m not sure if it’s the increased amount of time outside or that it’s much quieter here but Luca is also sleeping SO much better.  At nearly five it’s been a long time coming I can tell you.  More sleep is always welcome and wasn’t something I was anticipating from the move.  In fact I thought it might make his sleep a bit worse as it would unsettle him but so far so good.  In fact, so good that we have started discussing the possibility of increasing the size of our little family. But that’s a secret so shh!

Truthfully, all my hopes and dreams for this house started to worry me just before we moved.  I was really worried that we would get in the house and it wouldn’t live up to all these expectations I had for it.  Concerned that I’d put it on a huge pedestal and that once we were there the reality would be very different.  I’m so glad I was wrong.   It has surpassed expectation and then some.  I could honestly go on and on about all the things I love about this house.  Mostly the really boring everyday stuff, like having a dishwasher and a washing line. Having a drive and not having to climb a flight of stairs with bags of shopping or a tired child. Being able to watch the telly at a reasonable volume as we aren’t going to wake Luca.  So many things.

I’m also really starting to get excited for all the bits to come, like Luca’s birthday party in the garden, trick or treaters at the door and Christmas.  I already know where my tree is going and I might have plans for possibly two, maybe even three trees. Just don’t tell Ant.

Do you know what the best bit is though?  Having enough space to invite our family around for Sunday dinner, or have friends over for drinks.  Despite living in the flat for nearly 7 years it never really felt like home.  It just always felt like the place we lived.  But here, our new house, here really is home and a home we can share with everyone we love.

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