In a Nutshell – February 2017

Well February flew past in the blink of an eye didn’t it! I can’t believe it’s already time to round up our month.  It’s taken me by surprise that it’s already time to do this.  So here is it, our February in a Nutshell.

1st – 5th February

This week our house got windows!  This got me all excited about buying/making curtains.  I’m itching to get in there now even though we still haven’t exchanged contracts yet.

Luca had a truly rubbish week this week.  He fell over at school and got a really bad head bump.  Ant had to leave work and go take him to our local minor injuries unit to be checked over.  Luckily he was fine and it was just a lot of swelling but it looked awful.  I took him to the park for being so brave on Friday after school and then we went for tea at Nonna’s house.

At the weekend we went to the cinema with Luca’s best friend to see Sing.  I have to say I really enjoyed it and Luca kept dancing his way through it.

On the Suday we went to a soft play party.  My idea of hell but Luca loved it.  Luca also undid all my shirt buttons whilst sat on my knee.  I was totally oblivious to this though and ended up sitting for about 10 minutes with my bra on show to the whole place before Ant noticed. Good job I’m not easily embarrassed.

6th-12th February

We had a family date night this week.  Nothing too exciting but fun nonetheless, it mostly involved arguing over board games but it was so much fun.

There was another soft play party this week, which despite being super ready and prepared for, we were 1 hour late. I’d got the time completely wrong! Honestly, I’m useless. When we got home we made some yummy scrummy Valentine’s treats.

13th-19th February

This week was half term. Yay!   On the Monday we went for a play date to Hemsworth Water Park with one of Luca’s friends from school.  We had so much fun playing on the park before warming up in the soft play cafe.  A really lovely gentleman then gave them some food to feed the ducks and gulls with and the kids were in their element. We ended up staying out pretty much all day and even went back to Helen & Rebecca’s for a cuppa once we had driven home. Safe to say it was  successful one. I love being able to go out with Luca’s friends and watch them interact and play together.  Kid’s relationships and social interactions really fascinate me.

Wednesday was another day out with friends.  This time it was with Rebecca & Rowan and we just went for a little walk around where we live.  The kids loved it and we ended up at the park for a little bit too. What’s not to love eh?

The day after we headed to Ikea with Ant.  We went to look for beds for Luca for when we eventually move into our new house.  Well by the powers of persuasion Luca ended up bagging himself a new double bed that day.  He was so happy with it he didn’t get out of it the next morning.

I had to work on Friday morning which was a bit rubbish and then nip to the supermarket so by the time we’d done all that there wasn’t much of the day left. We ended up just going home to play for a bit.

Saturday we had a lazy morning (and I ran out of teabags) before we went over to my mums again.  We planned on going to find somewhere awesome to go ride Luca’s bike but instead he insisted on riding it around my mums village, to the shop to buy cake and back to hers. I can think of worse things.

Sunday was an exciting day.  In the morning we went swimming at Luca’s request and he swam completely unaided for the first time.  Cue super proud Mum and Dad squeals of excitement echoing around the pool.  We then came home and left Luca with his Auntie Ash whilst we went out with some friends.  We went into Leeds for a meal before going to see the Kings of Leon.  It was a dream come true for me as I’ve loved them as a band for absolutely ages. I had an amazing night and was buzzing off the back of it for days.

20th – 28th February

I worked extra hours this week which meant we didn’t do much that was exciting or fun.  We did however go to the green grocers on Saturday for Luca to choose all his own fruit and veg.  His school have been doing a food programme with them to try encourage them to eat more fruit and veg and it’s done wonders for getting Luca to try new foods in genenral.  He already eats tons of fruit, veg is much harder to get into him though.  He loved picking out what he wanted for his packed lunches and other things he wanted to give a try.

We also had our first ever tummy bug too.  Not my most delightful experience I have to say. Think we did quite well to get to four and a half without one though.


We were featured in two Instagram community round ups this month.  #myfamilyadventures run by the lovely Kerri-Anne from Life As Our Little Family with this photo.

And also in the #whatevertheweatherkids round up by Jenny from Monkey & Mouse with this photo.


I’m always grateful to be featured in round ups with so many other gorgeous photos.

Well, that’s it for this month.  It’s been a really, really boring one I have to say.  Luckily it’s felt like a quick month so I haven’t really noticed the lack of fun.

I’m determined to kick March into shape and squeeze every ounce of fun I can out of it.

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