Imaginext Power Rangers Morphin Megazord

One of Ant’s favourite things about being a dad is that he gets to immerse Luca in all the things he loved about his own childhood.  First it was superhero’s.  Luca knows so much about DC and Marvel he could probably give Stan Lee a run for his money.  Then we had Star Wars, followed closely by Pokémon.

Now its Power Rangers.  I think Ant really loves that he can sit and watch Power Rangers still without everyone thinking he’s a total nerd.  He just uses Luca as his excuse.  They quite often sit and watch it together and then pretend they are Power Rangers running amok around our flat. It doesn’t drive me mad at all!!

So when asked if we would like to review the Fisher Price Imaginext Power Rangers Morphin Megazord, I didn’t really get a choice in the matter.  They obviously said yes.

Power Rangers Megazord

key features

The Morphin Megazord is pretty big, and for good reason.

  • There are 4 activation power pads (the red circles you can see in the photos).
  • Turn the power pad on the left shoulder and the Megazord’s eyes light up, his chest opens and a canon pops out.
  • Turn the power pad in the chest to fire Power Coins from the canon.  There are also two missile launchers hidden above the canon.
  • The third pad is just above the left knee and opens up another missile launcher with a button to fire it.
  • The last one is above the right knee which you press down to open the Saber-Tooth Tiger’s mouth to eat baddies (or goodies depending on who’s playing) and puts them into the jail area.
  • Turn the Megazord around and you find a jail door, meeting area, lift and much more.  Including a control area in the Megazord’s head where a Power Ranger can stand.
  • There are other levels too for your imagination to run wild with. For example Luca decided the back of the Megazord’s arms were the Power Rangers bedrooms.
  • Included with the Megazord is a Red Ranger, Black Ranger, 6 Power Coins and 7 Power Missiles.

Power Rangers Megazord

The first thing Luca did was test out the missiles by firing them at myself and then our house rabbit.  Luckily they don’t actually hurt but they do go far.  Right behind the telly in fact.

Power Rangers Megazord

He then grabbed his Imaginext Superheroes and introduced them to the Power Rangers who very kindly gave a guided tour of their Megazord to all the Supers.

Power Rangers Megazord

After that everyone was given a job to do. Teaming up together they defeated bad guy after bad guy for a good hour or so.

The next day we were going to Nona and Papa’s and Megazord came along too.  He played for ages with it again, before declaring to his Papa that the shooter in the chest was broken.  As his Papa got closer to have a look Luca shot him right in the forehead and fell about laughing.

Not long after this my 11-year-old niece turned up and she also sat and played with it. Everyone seemed very impressed with just how many features there were.  My older brother declared he was a little jealous that it was so much better than his he had as a kid (like 20 years ago or something).

There have been hours and hours of imaginative play since we got it.  Luca has played with it so much he’s even managed to persuade his Daddy that he needed a new Power Ranger to go with it.  So we now have a team of three with the Green Power Ranger joining the crew.

Most games involve lots of team work between various superheroes and the Power Rangers. There has been an occasional battle over control of the Megazord too.  Only last night did the bad guys win and it was carnage let me tell you. Good guys being thrown in jail, epic battles left right and center, other’s being squashed by the Megazord and Power Coins and Missiles flying everywhere.  That was until Hulk came to the rescue.  He managed to knock the Megazord off it’s feet so the Power Rangers could once again take back control.

The Fisher Price Imaginext Power Rangers Morphin Megazord is suitable for ages 3-8 years.  Luca is 4 and definitely loves playing with it.   Our favourite bits are the lift, which is so much better than the ones in his other Imaginext play sets.  The characters slot in really easily and don’t fall back out.  All the Power Pads are really easy to turn and the missile launcher and canon are simple to fire.  Luca loves that the arms move up and down too so he looks like he’s really walking.  The hands also open so you can stick a bad guy in there for safe keeping. There are so many parts to this toy that have kept Luca’s imagination ticking over and he plays with it slightly differently every time.

The only downside is the plate that comes out of the chest slides back in really easily and closes the chest up each time.  This frustrated Luca for a while but once he got the hang of how much pressure he could use on it, it’s been fine.

It isn’t a cheap toy, it’s RRP is £66.99.  In all honesty, it’s probably not a toy I would have bought for Luca.  I would have worried that it might not have been worth the money but having played with it and seen just how much Luca has enjoyed it, I really would recommend it if you have a Power Rangers fan.  You can get one here.

Now excuse me whilst I go find all the missiles that have been fired around the living room.

*Disclaimer – We were very kindly sent the Imaginext Power Rangers Morphin Megazord in exchange for our review. As always all thoughts and opinions are honest and our own.*

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