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The living room, the second most used room in a home.  Well it definitely is where we live at the moment.   Our current living room has so much crammed into it due to our severe lack of space. Having said that, the reality is there isn’t that much in there it’s just small.  We have a sofa and large chair, a television on a unit, one small and one medium-sized bookcase,  our fish tank and a side table (which is really a coffee table top laid on top of a dog crate.  This is our house rabbit’s space).  Not much at all really, yet it feels really cluttered and busy.  It doesn’t help that it’s a strange shape so we lose a lot of space because of that as well.

Because it feels cluttered it’s not the most relaxing of spaces.  I’m so looking forward to getting a new space to decorate and make all cosy.

I dream of our living room being inviting and warm.  A place to curl up on a comfy sofa with a blanket and a book.  A place to gather as a family to snuggle up and watch a film.  A place to play with toys in the middle of the floor. A place to sit on an evening with a glass of wine looking out of our bi-folding doors into the garden. I want it to be our sanctuary.  A happy space that everyone is welcome in and will serve multiple purposes depending on what we want from it.

We have already chosen our carpets (which are ridiculously soft underfoot) so the next thing I intend on buying for our new living room is seating.  I really don’t like our current sofa.  It’s dark grey with red flower pattern, and it’s got a chaise long section at one end.  Don’t ask I’m not entirely sure what we were thinking when we bought it.  It’s uncomfortable and the scatter cushions that make up the back section drive me absolutely insane.

I’m hunting for a lovely new one that I actually want to relax on.  One I can curl up on and get comfy to settle down on an evening.  I’m thinking about ones similar to these below, all from

As you can tell we definitely want a dark sofa.  We have a four-year old and will hopefully be getting some dogs once we move too so it seems like the sensible choice.  Our current dark grey sofa has been pretty good at hiding the inevitable muck and stains that come with being a parent.

As well as a new sofa I’d love a new armchair too.  The one we have is a swivel chair which although is perfect for cuddling up in, it’s a nightmare with kids.  Luca spends his life spinning round in it and it drives me bonkers. I want an inviting armchair that people want to actually sit in as sometimes I think they tend to get a bit neglected.  Preferably one that two people could fit into as well.  I also think an armchair could be the perfect way to add a splash of colour to the living room as they sofa will be so dark. 

After we have sorted our new seating I think the next purchase will be a new TV unit.  All of our furniture seems to have been bought when we really needed it so we have ended up with cheap and cheerful.  This has meant that now I hate it all and can’t wait to splash a little cash on some really beautiful furniture.  I definitely want a new TV unit and some shelving and a coffee table.

As our home is for all of us, a coffee table with sharp corners where heads might get bumped are a massive no-no.  I expect Luca to play in every room of our home so anything that reduces the likelihood of injuries is a winner for me. He can hurt himself easily enough without a glass coffee table to smash through or corners to bash his head on so the one below from Distinctify would be perfect.  Our TV unit will need lots of storage built-in too, to house all the computer games & DVD’s that come hand in hand with having a son and a geeky husband.   It also helps to hide away any wires so our house rabbit can’t chew through them.  The sideboard below, from  looks perfect for hiding all the technology.

Lastly these statement shelves, from and Cubit are right up my street.  Practical yet fun, I love them both.  I also love that there are cupboards to hide the less pretty things and open shelves for the things you want to look at. Perfect combination.

from top left to bottom right; Stretto Large Shelves, Tretton sideboard, Impore Round Coffee table, Cubit Sideboard

The rest after that will just be decorative pieces, like this snuggly throw from Bean Bag Bazaar, some pretty cushions, plants and Ant really wants a big manly lamp like this one from PASX.  I have no idea what accent colour I want yet but looking at the things I’ve picked here I think I’m leaning towards pink.  I might get away with a pink armchair if Ant can have his manly lamp, what do you think?

from top left to bottom right; Coloured Cushions, Hollywood Floor Lamp, Cotswold Knitted Throw, Succulent in Grey Cement Bowl

There will be photos scattered around the room too, and other little things that make a house a home, like handmade curtains, flickering candles and our house bunny hopping around us.  It’s really not long to wait now and I’m getting very, very excited.

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