In a Nutshell – January 2017

We are one month into 2017 already. And if I’m honest it’s not been the best start to the year. January is always a totally crap month for us as we are skint from Christmas and the hundreds of family birthday’s in December, the weather is usually pretty bleurgh and it’s back to reality after the joy of the festive season. However, it’s not all doom and gloom, we did definitely have some highlights to the month. So here is how our January shaped up.

1st – 8th January

January started with an inset day for Luca, his last day of holidays before it was back to school. We spent most of it snuggled on the sofa and playing. It was rather lovely to be honest. The rest of the week was school and work for us, apart from Ant’s birthday mid week. Again we didn’t really do much as it was a mid week birthday, but we did buy him a cake and made him a yummy tea for when he got home.

On the Friday we decided to treat Luca with a trip to the cinema after school. We went to pizza hut for our tea and then watched Moana whilst eating pick n mix.  Saturday I headed off for the weekend with an old friend. We went to Cave Castle Hotel in Hull for a girly weekend with a massive group of other ladies. It was bliss. Steph and I went wandering for a little photo walk before heading to the spa. After that we spent ages slowly getting ready for the 50’s themed evening meal and disco. We had so much fun, despite managing to dislocate Steph’s finger whilst jiving. Don’t ask!

The next day when I arrived home my boys took me on a little walk whilst the Sunday roast Ant had prepared cooked. That evening myself, Emily (Ella’s Abode) and Lauren (Dilan and Me) all agreed to go to BlogOn together in May. I’m already really excited to meet these lovlies in real life and also to go to my first blogging conference.

9th – 15th January 

A scary week for us. Our family dog, Dibble, had a huge seizure in the early hours of Tuesday morning. It was really touch and go, but my dad decided to give him a few days and see how he got on.  Things weren’t looking hopeful though.  We went to my Grandad’s funeral on the Wednesday too which is always a rubbish thing to do but we did have a lovely time reminiscing about him.

On Thursday we went for another family walk after I got home from work but that was it for us during the week.  We had glorious blue skies and sunshine on Saturday so I took Luca to Temple Newsam to play on the park before we went to visit Dibble. He made a miraculous recovery mid week, and although he was still wobbly on his legs he was walking and eating by himself again.

16th – 22nd January 

Another really boring week, with nothing but work and school for us. Saturday though was a huge highlight for Luca. We took him to see Marvel Live. He absolutely loved it and was amazed to see so many of his favourite superheros and villians on the stage in one epic battle. It was a really impressive show and we would highly recommend going if you get the chance.
The day after was my niece’s birthday party. She had a bowling party but Luca was much more interested in Auntie Abbie’s baby niece. He even took over when it was time for her bottle.

23rd – 31st January

Our new house finally got a roof this week and we visited Roundhay Park. Luca thought it was the best day ever as we all fell down a big muddy hill, which was obviously hilarious. We rounded off the week with a adults night out with two other couples from school. We went for a curry and then back to our local for a few cheeky drinks.


This month we were chosen in the  #capturingtheday round up (top left).  As always I am super grateful to be picked out of so many gorgeous photos in these IG communities, so thanks again to Life is Knutts for featuring us.

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That’s it, our January in a Nutshell.  It’s been a funny one as we have had some brilliant days and equally bad ones too and in between those it’s just been a bit boring.  Hopefully February will be a bit more fun. We shall see.

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