Making the Most of Our Weekends

My husband works ridiculous hours in retail.  As I type this he is working for a nine-day stretch. Nine days of work before he gets a day off and when he does it will be a Friday, Luca will be at school and I’ll be at work.  He also works weekends.  He sometimes gets a Sunday off but for the most part he works them.  Very rarely do we get a whole two-day weekend with him.

When Luca was in pre-school this didn’t bother me as much as it does now.  Ant and Luca used to get days together during the week.  Also because Luca went for 2 and a half days he had more days at home and our days off coincided with each other more often.  Now Luca is at school though we rarely get days together as a family.

Friday’s used to be the day we would go exploring, sometimes taking my mum along with us or just venturing off on our own.  We rarely went places together on weekends though. Why?  Well because on a weekend when we go places it is full of other families.  Whole families enjoying their weekends together and I just hated to watch it.

I know that sounds really dramatic but it makes me really miss Ant.  It makes me wish we could have more quality family time together.  That’s what weekends are for right. Eating together and lazing around on a morning before finally getting dressed and venturing out to the park.  Or Ant taking Luca for a bike ride whilst I made a Sunday roast.  Snuggling on the sofa for a film on a rainy afternoon.  I dream of being one of those mum’s who post a picture to Instagram on a Friday celebrating that it’s the weekend and we get two whole days of family time.  That was always the picture I had in my head but unfortunately that isn’t the case.

Like I said, my reluctance to go out at weekends on my own with Luca wasn’t an issue before. Now he is in school all week though, and we only really get weekends to go have fun and explore new places.  So I’ve decided I just need to get over it.

I’m determined to start making the most of our weekends now. I know we will still miss Ant when we go off for the day together.  I know I will still feel awful that he’s missing out on our adventures and the memories that we make.  But at the moment Luca is missing out on these adventures too.  We all know they grow up fast and I don’t want to waste anymore of our weekends stuck in the house. There are so many places I want to take Luca and so from now on, weekends are going to be full of exploration, fun and frolics.

I’m going to plan ahead too.  Plan the weekends that we actually with Ant  to do some of the more exciting, bigger things we want to do.  At the moment we always end up planning last-minute and then it’s too late to do anything that we really want to.

I have a list of places I want to visit and get ticked off this year.  A list as long as my arm in fact, and I can’t wait to get started and share our adventures.

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