To Do List 2017

To Do List 2017

I make a to do list every year. It helps me focus on what I want to get out of the year ahead and actually achieve it without the pressure that comes with making “resolutions”.

Last year was a good year for crossing things off most of my to do list so I’m hoping for another successful year this year.

As always my list is a mix of life, family, career and leisure goals and I try to make them as realistic as possible. Here is my list for 2017! 

1. Try for another baby.

We always said we wanted a decent gap between babies. I wanted Luca to be at school before we had another. Mostly so that I could give baby number two some one to one quality time like Luca had. But also because that would mean day time naps would be more realistic.  Well, Luca started school in September and we are nowhere near trying for another.  Our living space is too small to even contemplate adding in another tiny human until we move.  Then I have to make sure I’ve saved enough money to see me through maternity leave. Not much to organise then?

2. Expand on the food I cook 

I cook most of our meals from scratch (apart from the occasional fish finger tea) but I seem to have got into a bit of a rut.  Making the same meals week after week. I’m seriously lacking inspiration.  The other day I made a really quick roast dinner but with some little added twists. I then remembered how much I really do love cooking but how bogged down I’ve got in just making the same old food.  I really need to get my cooking mojo back and expand on what I’m making.

3. Make some money from blogging

I’ve started to take this little old blog of mine a little more seriously of late. Not counting over Christmas when everything fell to the wayside.  I’d love to be able to make some money from it this year. Hopefully to help with the financial side of maternity leave if we manage to tick off number one on this list.

4. Go on Holiday

We didn’t have a holiday last year as we were saving for our house. Our last holiday abroad was to Portugal in 2014 which was amazing. I’d love to be able to take Luca abroad again and get away for a few weeks of sun. There is just something about lazing around and spending quality time with family, without the distractions that you get at home.

5. Keep improving my photography 

This is a rolling goal. I learnt so much last year and hope to continue this learning journey.  Last year I took part in A Year With My Camera which is a free course that runs for a whole year. You can sign up here if your interested. I also went on a few photography walks with Sarah Mason. I hope to continue to find learning avenues this year. Especially since Santa brought me a new lens for Christmas.

6. Visit the Harry Potter studio tour.

This one has been on the to do list for a few years now. Every year we look at buying tickets and visiting but something else always comes up. I’d still love to go though.

7. Get a dog

Or two. We’ve lived in a flat for the last 6 years and so we haven’t had space for a dog. Once we move into our house though we will have lots more room and a garden too. Dogs are definitely a priority for us. We both grew up with dogs and so not having one of our own is a bit odd. Our family home feels a little bit empty without a waggy tailed friend so as soon as we are settled in our new house we will be rescuing a dog to fill the void.

8. Learn to dance

More specifically to Jive or Lindyhop. I’m such a 50’s girl at heart and although I can kind of jive I would love to be able to do it properly. Especially with Ant. So this year I’m going to look into lessons for us.

9. Host Christmas 

My mum has had multiple operations on her shoulders last year and as a result has sustained some nerve damage to one of her arms.  Christmas usually falls onto her and we all gather there for the day. However once we have space I’m hoping to take the reins from her and Christmas next year should be at our house. Am I totally mad?

10. Look after myself

In general I’m relatively healthy. I don’t smoke, don’t drink much alcohol and eat quite well, bar the odd chocolate bar.  I also do a physically demanding job so I’m very active most days too. However towards the end of the year I started to notice how bleurgh I felt.  Nothing in particular that I could put my finger on but I was very aware of how I didn’t feel my best. I then sustained a wrist and knee injury and realised that I’m approaching 30 now, I’m not a teenager anymore and I really need to start making an active effort to look after myself.

So those are my things I want to get ticked off this year.  I don’t feel like any of them are to unrealistic and hopefully after a productive year last year, this one will be even better.

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