In a Nutshell – November 2016

November has been a bit of a funny month for us. It’s gone really fast and it’s hasn’t really been particularly exciting, I’m not sure why as we have still have managed to squeeze some fun out of it.

At the start of the month it was Bonfire night. We headed to our local cricket club to watch their firework display. It was better than we expected and the rum was cheap. What’s not to love.

We made a start on some of our Christmas shopping too. Luca wanted to make some things for his grandparents and so we decided to go pottery painting. We went to Crafty Owls, the one we usually visit. Luca has been before but he really got into it this time around. After he worked hard painting his bits and pieces for grandparents I let him choose something to paint for himself. He went for an alien.

Rememberance Sunday was our next family day together. We headed into Leeds City Centre to the Cenotaph. It was the first year we have been without my Grandad who is a war veteran.  Such a sad time for him not to be with us and I may have had a little cry. I really worry that as our veterans pass away we will start to lose our memories of how important this day is. I really hope I’m wrong.

He would have been so proud of Luca who stayed totally silent for the whole two minutes and was very respectful and well behaved. So well behaved in fact that headed into the shops afterwards to let him find a toy to take home as a treat.
I’ve been out picking more tiles for our new house this month too. As much as I’m loving having to decorate our new place, I’m finding it quite stressful. I’m  putting across my ideas and changes I want to make and then relying on other people to make it happen for us. I don’t like that bit.

Sickness has been rife in this house. Luca had his first day off school and then more time off again at the end of the month. I hate winter bugs.
Whilst he was off sick though, we realised how lucky he is to have a crazy Nonna. One afternoon whilst Luca was feeling a bit better we went out for some lunch. Luca and his Nonna decided to give each other Rudolph noses and whiskers using felt tips. She’s completely bonkers but Luca adores her. The waiter thought she’d completely lost the plot.

My girls night out has definitely been up there with my highlights of November. It was to celebrate a friends birthday, one of the mums from school. It was just a group of mum friends but there was tequila and dog walking/hiding in bushes at 2:45am. Who says mums are boring eh?

The day after the girls night I had to go to a Christening. Not my wisest decision it has to be said and we ended up being late as I was too hungover to drive. Oops!

It’s been a whole year since my first photography walk with Sarah Mason. I can’t quite believe it’s been a year, I’ve learnt so much since then and it was lovely to go back and do the same walk a year on and get some lovely IG worthy photos.
Speaking of photography, and to end on a high, I was featured in 3 Instagram round ups this month. THREE! These are two of the photos that got me featured alongside some other gorgeous photos.

So that is our November in a Nutshell. I’m already excited to write our December in Nutshell, it’s one of my favourite months for sure.

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