In a Nutshell – October 2016

Well didn’t October fly by in the blink of an eye?

Our October has been pretty full on.  There has been so much going on, both in the way of family fun and proper grown up stuff too.  I much prefer the fun but some of the grown up stuff has been pretty exciting.

So here is our October in a nutshell.

In a nutshell Oct 16

In the first week of October we had a family brunch date at a little deli not too far away before we all went to play at the park.

Later on in the week a neighbour’s car rolled into mine. Not so great to wake up to on a morning when I was already in a rush to get Luca to childcare and then work.  It’s damaged my passenger door quite badly and so I am driving around in a damaged car at the moment.  My neighbour wanted to settle without going through insurance, so as a friendly neighbour I agreed.  Turns out this was a stupid idea as they only wanted to do that so they didn’t have to pay so much out.  We have ended up claiming through insurance anyway meaning I am still waiting for it to be fixed. Nightmare!  Seriously, if your ever in this situation with someone just go through insurance.

Better news though, we officially reserved our house this month, wahoo!  This has meant lots of meetings with people to sign on dotted lines. Hello adulting!   Our house also started to get walls too, very exciting.

There was of course more riding lessons this month and Luca did his first ever canter.  Proud Mama alert!  When I showed him the video I took he exclaimed “Oh Mummy, that’s not the right video, I was going faster than that!” I remember my first canter well and it really does put your heart in your mouth a little.  Once you’ve cracked it though it’s the best feeling in the world.

In a nutshell Oct 16 2

We also went pumpkin picking this month to one of our favourite places in Yorkshire, Farmer Copley’s.  We had an awesome time and took home quite a few pumpkins to decorate for Halloween and generally to make our house look really seasonal.

At the start of half term Ant had to go work away for 12 days, he still isn’t home as I am typing this.  Depsite his absence though we did LOADS of things in between me working.  We visited Scarborough and spent an afternoon on the beach and at the amusements. I was actually working, but one of the perks of my job is that I get to take Luca with me sometimes.  The weather was perfect for it, Luca even braved bare legs in the sea.  We also spent ages making sandcastles and beach combing for treasures to take home!

In a nutshell Oct 16 3

The next day I went to choose our kitchen for the new house, which was very exciting. Luca didn’t seem to think so though.

We also had a teddy bear picnic breakfast, which Luca adored.  He kept telling everyone that we had a picnic for breakfast.  We then headed into Leeds to watch a ballet.  More on that next week.

At the end of the month I had to go choose tiles for our bathrooms in the new house too, again all by myself as Ant was away.  This has meant I have made all the big decisions about how our new house will look, I’m just hoping Ant approves.

In a nutshell Oct 16 4

The last day of October was back to school for Luca and of course Halloween.  There was a school disco in the evening that Luca went to and I popped into the pub nextdoor for a cheeky drink before I picked him up.  We then walked home whilst doing some good old trick or treating!  Our estate is absolutely brilliant for trick or treating, with so many houses all decorated for the night.  It’s such a family friendly area which adds to the atmosphere for all the kids.  Luca came home with a mountain of sweets!

We really have had a busy October yet I’ve taken hardly any photos. Bloody memory on iPhone!! I’m hoping for a slightly calmer November but let’s face it, that’s never really going to happen.

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  1. Sharon says:

    Wow there’s a lot going on here – I don’t know where to start. Bad luck about the car – I have also been told that it is always best to get the insurance to sort it out. Hope it is fixed soon. So exciting about the house – it looks well underway. Are you hoping to be in sometime in the New Year. Yes you are definitely a grown-up now! 😉
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