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It’s official, the house I was dreaming of is ours.  We have signed on the dotted line and we are now just patiently waiting for it to be built.  I’ve dreamed of decorating our own home for years now.  We done little bits in our flat but when it’s not your own, it’s just not the same.

Since finding out the house was ours I’ve scoured the internet, blogs, Pinterest (mostly Pinterest), and interior design magazines for inspiration. I’m so ready to get my claws into some decorating and soon I’ll be able to. I thought I’d share with you all my dream ideas for each room in our new house.

Let’s start with the kitchen, the heart of the home.  Somewhere I imagine us all congregating as a family with dogs pattering around our feet and food filling the house with delicious scents.  Somewhere I will eventually serve Christmas dinner for my whole family.

Our kitchen is at the front of the house and so it will be the first room you enter when you walk in.  I can already see Luca walking through the door with his school bag, taking a seat at the island in the middle of the kitchen for his after school snack,  whilst I cook tea and listen to stories about his day. That’s assuming we’ve  moved on from his “nothing” answers.

I can see us eating breakfast together on a Sunday morning as the sun streams in through the bay window where our table will be. The radio on in the background and plans being made for the day.

As you can probably tell it’s an important room and so I want it just perfect. I want it to be warm and cosy, but bright and inviting too.

As our house is a new build we have been able to pick out our units. We have chosen some very similar to these.


They are very us, and I’m going to team them with lots of lovely pastel, retro and vintage looking pieces. Like these from Smeg;

kitchen appliances

Kitchen appliances by Smeg

I also love these lights from John Lewis to hang over our breakfast bar/island in the middle of the kitchen, but which to choose?

light inspo

Clockwise from top left; Watt Pendant Light, Original BTC Task Pendant Light, Plumen ES Drop PendantRamona Pendant

Our kitchen is a kitchen diner. We already have a table and chairs but they are so old.  It’s been brilliant to use as a crafty spot for Luca as I haven’t been bothered about him ruining it and as it is an extendable table it doesn’t take up lots of room but it will easily seat 6 people if needed. Having said that it’s not very aesthetically pleasing so I’m really hoping to get a new one, something a bit like this one.


Table from John Lewis

I saw these chairs years ago and absolutely fell head over heels in love with them.  They are so colourful and so very me.  Yet they are plastic so will wipe clean, a huge advantage as kids aren’t known for being tidy.  I also recently discovered they do matching bar stools too, so I can have those at the breakfast bar as well!!

chair inspo

Charles Eames chairs and stools both from Cult Furniture

So there you have it, my dream kitchen inspiration. I can’t wait to get cracking with it.  I’d love to know what you think to it.  I’d also love to know what can’t you live without in your kitchen that I need? Or what your dream kitchen would look like?

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