Working Mum Tips & Tricks – No1 Shellac Nails

I love having pretty, shiny nails. There is something about having a good manicure that makes you feel a little bit more put together and ready to take on the world. As a working mum though, in fact just as a mum in general, I very rarely have enough spare time to sit down and paint my nails, especially for them to only last a day or two and need redoing.

My first tip, for my working mum tips & tricks series is for how to always having pretty nails.

Shell out a little bit for some shellac. My beautician, Sarah, from Hidden Beauty, does a full set of Shellac for £18 and they last ages.  My most recent set lasted my about 4 weeks.  I usually opt for basic colours when I have my nails done, that way they go with everything.  However I also tend to follow my true style and have nails that have a bit of something extra.

I recently went for some chrome nails, which in all honesty don’t last as long as my usual shellac, I think it’s the powder they use to make it shiny.  However, they do look amazing and would be brilliant for party, I mean come on, look how sparkly they are.

Working mum tips & tricks no1

Anyway,  because they wore off the ends quite quickly I had them redone in a dark grey with a pale pink, glittery ring finger. I love these and as usual they have stood the motherhood test.

working mum tips & tricks no1

I wash up everyday without washing up gloves, clean the bathroom and everything else a being a mum entails and they never fail me.  I usually end up having them redone as they have grown out rather than chipped.

Shellac are the best beauty trick for busy mums and worth treating yourself for, especially if you can find a beautician with an offer on.  If your local to West Yorkshire I’d recommend checking out Sarah’s page above.

Stay tuned for my next post in my new working mum tips & tricks series.

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