Our super easy, no carve pumpkin idea.

Halloween is just around the corner and I wanted to share with you a super easy, no carve pumpkin idea. This is literally the easiest way to decorate your pumpkin without the mess and hassle of carving it.

We found this method especially good for smaller children too.  At just four, Luca gets bored quite quickly with carving a pumpkin as he can’t really do much to help.  This one literally took us 15 minutes to decorate plus drying time and Luca did a lot of it himself.

Here is what you will need;

  • Masking tape
  • Black paint
  • A pumpkin

Start by choosing a simple word or picture to put on your pumpkin.  Words like BOO or EEK work well.  Or how about the traditional pumpkin face or a ghost.  If you have a few pumpkins you could even do “Happy” on one and “Halloween” on another.  The possibilities are endless.

We decided to go with the word BOO! as our design.

Firstly I used the masking tape to mark the word out.  Luca loved helping by tearing little strips of masking tape off for me.  He even helped stick some of the pieces on.

super easy no carve pumpkin idea.

The nice thing with masking tape is, it’s super easy to peel off and rearrange if you need to.

Make sure it’s stuck down well and there aren’t any pieces lifting back off or else the paint will run underneath it.

Now for the fun part. Paint your pumpkin.

I squirted loads of black paint onto the top and then Luca covered the whole pumpkin using a paintbrush.

super easy no carve pumpkin idea.

super easy no carve pumpkin idea.

Once it’s fully covered, masking tape and all, leave the paint to dry.

Our only took half an hour or so to dry but it will vary depending on your paint and how much you use.

Next, gently peel the masking tape off to reveal your word or picture.

super easy no carve pumpkin idea.

Voila!  A super simple, but effective Halloween pumpkin that will last much longer than a carved one (and not go soggy and smelly either).  Some of our paint creeped under the tape but I actually think I prefer it that way.

super easy no carve pumpkin idea

We still have a few pumpkins left from our trip to Farmer Copley’s so we are going to try some red paint on the next one and maybe even make a “pretty pumpkin” to keep for the rest of autumn.

Let me know if you try our no carve pumpkin idea.  I’d love to see how you get on.  Similarly if you have a no carve pumpkin idea. of your own please feel free to share. I’m always looking for inspiration.

2 thoughts on “Our super easy, no carve pumpkin idea.

    • Franki says:

      Thank you! I think we will probably do this every year now until Luca is old enough to carve his own. They really do last much longer and are so easy to do.

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