In a Nutshell – September 2016

September is over, already, and Autumn has definitely set in here in Yorkshire, although all our tress still seem to be green. I’m looking forward to crunchy leaves and Halloween but first I’m going to share with you our September in a Nutshell. 


  • September started with chaos, what’s new eh?  Whilst at work I got a phone call to let me know our family dog (he lives with my mum but he’s loved by us all equally, maybe me slightly more) was lost.  He had escaped from the garden at about 10am and by 3:30pm he still hadn’t turned up.  Luckily he had been found just a few streets away and a kind lady had kept him in her garden all day until her husband came home. We are so grateful to her as he’s getting on a bit now and we were all so worried about him.  When my brother went to collect him he seemed to be absolutely none the wiser that he was lost and just merrily plodded home with him. Stupid animal.
  • Luca went for a play date with his auntie Abbie and her friend.  She took him to a local farm where he got to stroke some piglets.  As you can see he takes after me and was straight in there giving them a good scratch.  I love that he loves animals.
  • More riding lessons for Luca this month, it has become our norm now to get up early on a Sunday morning and head to the stables and I for one am loving it. He even got to go on a little hack this month.  We plodded by the river and along the bridleway in a big circle back to the stables.  Luca had a little trot down the bridleway and was in his element chattering away to his instructor.  It was a little glimpse into how our Sunday’s might be once he is riding solo and we can go out together.
  • Our little house bunny Halle, has really started to come out of her shell a bit recently.  We rescued her when she was a baby, she is a half wild rabbit and she came to be a wife for our other rabbit.  She has never really taken to us and we can’t even stroke her as she runs away.  She will lay out in the room but hides as soon as you move.  Unfortunately , Rocky our male, passed away just less than a year ago and since then Halle has been a little bit lonely.  We’ve thought about getting her another male but she is very territorial and we don;t have the space or time to bond her with another at the moment.  Hopefully when we move house she will get a new husbun. However, she has recently started to come and explore the kitchen and will let me give her a little pat when I feed her on a night.  Fingers crossed she’ll soon be coming for cuddled although I highly doubt it.
  • September saw big changes for us.  Luca started school full time. Like proper school. He’s a proper school boy, whaaaat?  So far he seems to be having a ball there and is enjoying learning to read the most.  It’s lovely to see him run onto the playground on a morning and start playing with all his friends.
  • We were asked to review some Tsum Tsum’s this month, much to Luca’s delight and so they have played a big part of our September.
  • Ledston Estate is a private estate close to where we live.  On the 10th September, they opened their gates to the public and we had a great afternoon exploring it.  The grounds were absolutely beautiful and we found a secret tree brimming with conkers.  We are hoping to go back in the next few weeks and collect loads if we can manage to sneak in. Shhh, don’t tell anyone.


  • One Friday after school I decided to take Luca out for a date.  I had really missed him through the day as Friday’s used to be our day together.  Our day to go off exploring and having fun.  I decided that we needed some time back so after school we went straight to a local shopping centre, bought a few books and headed to Costa to read them.  We both really enjoyed snuggling up together, coffee and gingerbread man in hand and reading and chatting.  In fact we enjoyed it so much that I’m going to try make it a regular thing now.
  • I haven’t had my nails done for ages so I decided to treat myself and get them all chromed up.  I loved how shiny they were and having pretty nails does wonders for your self confidence.
  • We took it easy for the last few weeks of September as school is wiping Luca out.  He’s exhausted after school and finding it hard to deal with his emotions.  We’ve made a conscious effort to tone down his weekends to help his rest and recuperate.  We went to the park on his request though for a little bike ride and an ice cream.
  • More horse riding, this time he was thrilled to be able to un-tack his horse and help put his bridle away. He also got to ride with a whip which makes me a very proud Mummy, he’s doing so well.
  • We visited a little local museum which is sadly closing down soon.  We then went to the park near our house to eat sweets and swing the afternoon away. It was lovely and relaxing and we both really enjoyed each others company.
  • We finished the month off with a Roald Dahl day at school.  I’m rather proud of the outfit we managed to throw together for Luca.  More importantly though he equally loved it.

This month has been so quiet compared to what we are used to.  I’m hoping we can start to fit more things into our weekends soon but first Luca needs to find his feet with this new routine.  As do I in fact.

How was your September?

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