English Heritage Open Days ~ Ledston Estate

Every September sees the arrival of English Heritage Open Days.  With the help of lots of volunteers, English Heritage organise events across the country for you to discover your local history, culture and architecture.  And it’s all for free.   What’s even better is that these events are usually opening the doors to the unseen, such as Ledston Estate.

Ledston Estate is local to us yet because it is a private estate we have never explored it.  Until now. 

As you turn up the road to get to the estate you can already sense that it’s going to be grand.  The entrance is beautiful and as you drive through the stone gates you are greeted with a beautiful house.

English Heritage Open Days


The huge staircase leading up the old entrance is magnificent and really transports you back to the days gone by.


The building is mostly going to ruin now, although a few bits are occupied and there is a small chapel that has a regular weekend service.  However, the majority is empty.  I always feel it is such a shame when something isn’t showcasing it’s grandeur anymore, like history is slowly slipping away.  All those memories within those walls will be forgotten if the building is left to ruin.  I find history fascinating so really enjoyed wandering around the grounds.  Especially as the building and gardens were so beautiful.  I mean even the railings on the stairs were intricately detailed.


We spent ages exploring the gardens which were truly beautiful. It’s such a shame they aren’t open to the public.  The kids loved running around the landscaped hedges and finding secret nooks and crannies to explore.



Plus the paths leading into the woods and further afield looked so magical and made me instantly want to put my walking boots on.  I think I could have spent the whole day just finding all the hidden treasures this beautiful estate must be hiding.


Luca also had fun setting us all up for a big family photo. Ant pointed out we look like a GAP commercial all wearing denim. Who cares, we had fun.


It would be the perfect place for our annual family picnic if it was open to the public. Unfortunately it isn’t.  We will just have to keep our fingers crossed that next years English Heritage Open Days include Ledston Estate and they open their gates once more.  If they do we will make sure we are ready and make a day of it.

10 thoughts on “English Heritage Open Days ~ Ledston Estate

  1. Fiona Cambouropoulos says:

    I am really confused why English Heritage own and maintain somewhere as beautiful as this and yet don’t open it to the public. who are they maintaining it for I wonder? Does a private family still live there perhaps. Well done on picking up on the Free Open Days, we have a lot of English Heritage sites around us, are they all free on these special days i wonder? I shall have to look into it as with a family of 8 these days out can work out very expensive. Looks like you had perfect weather for your visit and I’m not surprised the kids loved exploring there. those gardens look very inviting and a great way to enjoy the outdoors. I’m going to try and spot the open day myself for next year.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids.

    • Franki says:

      I think some of it is private residency. It was a great day exploring. I’m definitely looking for some more new places next year.

  2. Aly says:

    I think English Heritage are missing out by not not opening it all year round.National Trust properties close during the week from the end of October, which isn’t too bad.It looks like you made a great choice of taking an opportune moment to visit.Over from Country Kids.

    • Franki says:

      I’m really glad we visited it was lovely. I don’t think they open it all year round as some of the house has been made into private housing. It is such a shame though.

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