The dream house is happening.


Back in July I wrote a post all about how I was longing for a home of our own. Longing to own our own bricks and mortar, especially after finding a new development that would be perfect for us.   I wrote all about how I was so hopeful it would all come together but also scared it wasn’t going to.

Well I can very happily say, in fact shout from the rooftops, that at the end of last week we officially reserved our plot on the new development and in about 6 months time we will hopefully be living in our new house. Fingers crossed.

I can’t tell you how giddy just writing that sentence makes me. My tummy does a little flip and I go all tingly.

This house has been such a long time coming.  I think we have more than paid our dues and it’s about time we got our own place.  A place where Luca can really be a 4 year old.  Where he can ride his bike and run in the garden.  Bump down the stairs on his bum and try to jump down the last few.  Run around the rooms with carefree abandon and scatter his toys about everywhere without running out of play space.

A place I can finally put my stamp on.   Oh I can’t tell you how excited I am to decorate our new home.  But first we have to finalise plans with the builders for where we want our plug sockets, radiators and light switches.  Then we get to choose our doors, flooring, tiles and kitchen.

Luca already has his eye on a few bits and pieces he wants in the new house.  He has put his foot down and told us that he wants a bunk bed with a slide, and it seems to be pretty non-negotiable. I’m blaming Ant, he told him they existed.  He also wants a trampoline and a cat.

Ant wants somewhere to put his boxing bag back up, I think he’s quite excited that he will be able to go outside again and get rid of work stress with a few punches.

I’d quite like an office area to keep all my things for work.  With a little desk that will always have flowers on.  And a book case so I don’t have to get rid of books once I’ve read them.

Apart from that I am totally open to be inspired and have already been scouring Pinterest for ideas.

I am so happy that things are finally working out, yet I also feel so, so lucky.  It’s something we have been wanting for so long now that it felt like it was never going to happen and now finally things are starting to fall into place.   It’s so exciting to watch the progress happening every day too.  When I picked Luca up from school the other day we saw that in just one day we suddenly had walls being built, it was no longer just foundations.   Today you can see where the windows will be.  We have been taking photos at every stage of the build so far in the hope that one day it would be ours and we could look back on the progress of it all.  We that day will soon be here, all being well.

Until then, if you need me, I’ll be over on Pinterest.

If you lovely lot have any suggestions of brilliant interior bloggers please let me know in a comment below.  

4 thoughts on “The dream house is happening.

  1. Emily says:

    Congratulations! That’s amazing. Interiors blogs I love are Appartment Apocathery, The Ordinary Lovely, Growing Spaces and Roost. From there you’ll find more on their blog rolls. x

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