My Wild Ones ~ Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Yorkshire Sculpture Park was on my doorstep for almost four years when I was at university.  It’s now only a 20 minute car journey away yet it still is somewhere we haven’t visited.  That is until recently.

We jumped in the car one Sunday in August to meet Hannah of Make Do and Push fame, and her very lovely family.  I’m gonna let you in on a little secret here, Hannah is one of my favourite bloggers.  She is one of the nicest ladies you will ever meet.  Hannah always goes out of her way to help me out.  Plus she makes delicious cakes and drinks prosecco with me. What’s not to like eh?

Anywho, we arrived and promptly parked miles away from where we should have been. Then when I rang Hannah to find out where they were Luca fell over in some mud and cried a lot. I had to call Hannah back once the drama had been dealt with at which point she said, “This is why your called Wonderful Chaos, right?” She has a point.

We jumped back in the car and drove to where we should have actually parked and quickly found them waiting for us.

We headed straight for a patch of grass to have our picnic and let the kids have a play together.  Luca loves Busby and whenever we meet up they always have fun playing together, despite Luca being a total grump that day.  We had a sack race, played rugby, blew bubbles and raced.  There was lots of laughing as they had fun whilst I caught up with Hannah.


Once we had filled our tummies we went for a walk around the park to look at all the sculptures and find ice cream.




Our lazy little boy didn’t ask to be carried once until the very end of the day when he had tired his little legs out from stalking sheep and climbing hills.



Luca and Busby were inseparable all day and when it was time to go home Luca was most upset that she wasn’t coming with us.

I’m already searching the diary for another day to meet up, that’s if our Wonderful Chaos wasn’t a bit too much chaos for them.

You can see Hannah’s beautiful photos from the day over on her blog.

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