Online Golf #OGgetkidsintogolf event.

So golf. Let’s talk golf.  Bear with me, I know what your thinking and no I’m not a middle aged male.

My first real understanding as golf as a sport was crazy golf at the seaside.  Who doesn’t love a bit of crazy golf right?  Then at high school I made friends with a girl who was a semi-professional golfer.  We all just thought she was a bit kooky, I mean kids don’t really play golf properly do they.  Then golf just became something fun to do at weekends in my teens. We used to head to the driving range and whack balls, no real skill involved, just my mates seeing who could hit them the furthest.  That has pretty much been my golfing experience to date.  So when Online Golf invited us to their #OGgetkidsintogolf event in Leeds, I thought why not. It would be interesting at least and may prevent occurences like this happening in the future.

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Apparently that’s NOT the correct way to hit a golf ball.

We made our way to the Hilton in Leeds not really sure of what to expect from the day, and especially not sure if Luca, at 4 years old, would be interested.

When he spied the room where all the fun was happening though his eyes lit up.  There were so many different activities to have a go at.  He was itching to have a go at the ten pin bowling one.    There was also a crazy golf course, a target game and a chipping game too.

Before we were let loose though we had a quick lesson from the instructors and then split into teams.

Our first game was the crazy golf.  Luca listened to the instructor, who really took his time to help Luca and explain to him how to hold the club correctly.   He really took on board what he had to do and although he needed a few reminders from Daddy, he picked it up quite quickly.



We then moved onto the ten pin bowling, much to Luca’s delight.  Unfortunately Luca wasn’t quite strong enough to get the ball to the pins and knock them down but he had a good go at it.

He was better at getting the golf balls into the target though on the next game.

The last game we played was the chipping one.  Luca really struggled with this one, despite all the expert help, I think he was just a bit too little.  Ant had a go too as there was a little adult competition taking place which Kellie from Big Fashionista smashed and took home the prize.

We had a few attempts at each game and Luca got better and better as the day went on.  I think his favourite was the crazy golf in the end.


As we left we were given a goody bag with some golf balls and tees in which Luca can’t wait to play with at his Nonna’s (we don’t have a garden).   He also wore his hat all the way home and has been nagging to go play golf ever since.   I think the #OGgetkidsintogolf even has definitely succeeded at getting this kid into golf.


If you still need some persuading to give golf a go with your kids though here are so brilliant reasons.

Top 5 reasons why Kids should get into golf

  1. More kids can play golf! For golf you don’t have to be tall, strong or fast or lean. Successful golfers come in all shapes, sizes and ages.
  1. It’s low-risk! Chances of injuries in golf are very small to non-existent compared to other popular sports like football or rugby. Being no-contact, golf is a very safe, respectful sport.
  1. It’s healthy! Golf is an outdoors sport giving kids the opportunity to exercise al fresco whilst enjoying nature.
  1. It creates bonds with friends & family! Whether your kid plays golf with family members, friends or takes lessons with a pro, mentoring and playing together will create unique and close bonds that will last a lifetime.
  1. Your kid will learn important life lessons! Playing golf, kids will experience highs and lows, from the first hole-in-one or birdie to a misplaced shot in a bunker. Golf will teach your kid that though we can’t always win, we always have another shot in life and skill comes with practice.

Thank you Online Golf for inviting us to a fun event and teaching Luca how to play golf properly.

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