Bank Holiday Weekend at the North East Coast

I’ve always hated the beach and the seaside.  From being a child it has never been somewhere I have enjoyed going.  However we have had a few trips to the north east coast with Ashleigh, my best friend.  Whitley Bay on the north east coast is Ashleigh’s home town and every time we have visited it has been an absolute blast, leaving me feeling happy and relaxed.

When we found out it was the Tall Ships Regatta in August, it seemed the perfect excuse to visit again.  This time with Daddy. My parents decided to join us too and so we hired a caravan for the weekend rather than take over Sheelagh & Trevor’s house again.

We headed up on the Friday, setting off late afternoon and trying to avoid the traffic for Leeds Festival.  We made relatively good time given that it was the bank holiday and so traffic was quite heavy.  When we arrived we checked into our caravan, emptied the car and headed straight to the fish & chip shop for our tea.  

We decided that we might as well make the most of our location and sat on the beach to eat.  We spent the rest of the evening on the beach waiting for the sunset and the fireworks over Blyth harbour.  The fireworks were happening every night as part of the Tall Ships celebrations.

north east coast fireworks over blyth harbour

The next morning the weather was glorious so we headed into Blyth to see the Tall Ships.  There were loads of food stalls, entertainment and rides for the kids too.  The ships themselves were really impressive and Luca was delighted to see some pirates fixing their sails.


He wasn’t quite brave enough to have his picture taken with some we found strolling around the harbour though.  My mum didn’t seem to mind so much, I wonder why?


Eventually Luca got bored of looking at boats and so we headed back to the beach for the rest of the afternoon.


When we woke up on Sunday the weather had taken a turn for the worse and was utterly miserable.  It seemed like the perfect time to make use of the facilities on the caravan park.  After a lazy start to the morning we headed to the swimming pool.  After our swim we went into Whitley Bay itself to hide from the rain and explore the amusements.


Luca loved trying out all the different machines and we spent a small fortune trying to win a pokemon keyring on the 2p machine.  On our way back to the car we stumbled upon some street performers and Luca was enthralled.  To be fair they were very impressive.  I mean who wouldn’t love to see a man put a giant balloon over his head.


After Sunday lunch at Sheelagh & Trevor’s the weather had brightened up a bit so we decided to take some prosecco back down to the beach and watch the fireworks again.


Trevor dug a giant hole for Luca, again, and then fell down it once it got dark.  Nobody laughed(!?).  After the past few days of fun Luca was exhausted and fell asleep in my arms all cuddled up.  It reminded me that although he is now at school, he will always be my little baby, no matter how big he gets.

Monday was the final day of the Tall Ships Regatta and the day the ships set sail from Blyth to Antwerp.   Seeing them all sailing across the horizon with their sails up was truly spectacular.


The weather was perfect for a beach BBQ and as the day went on it got hotter and hotter.  We ended up stripping off (Luca) and I borrowed some shorts from Ashleigh so we could play in the sea jumping waves and running away from them.  Not always successfully I might add.




Luca and Ant made a big sandcastle and we had a game of frisbee.  All the best things about being on the beach.  Luca even managed to persuade his Daddy and Uncle Bob to have a hole digging competition.



As the evening drew in it was time to say goodbye to Ashleigh’s parents and head home.  Not that any of us wanted it to end.  It was the last day of our summer holiday together and the absolute perfect way to finish it.  We laughed the whole weekend.  Mostly at my dad falling backwards down a sand dune before Luca leapt onto him and made him do a huge fart.  Also at Ashleigh and my dad falling down rabbit holes and then at Luca’s sandcastle being pee’d on by every dog that walked past it on the beach.


It was a brilliant weekend surrounded by friends and family.  The north east coast is fast becoming my happy place.



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