Autumn Bucket List

Summer is nearly over and although I find it hard to pick a favourite season (I love all of them as they all offer so much), I think Autumn may just top the list.  Purely because it never really fails to deliver.

I can feel the change approaching as the leaves on the trees slowly begin to lose their colour and the nights are getting shorter. Another huge clue for us is our house rabbit starts shedding her summer coat and I become best friends with our hoover.  It’s such a good job she’s very cute.  Autumn in the UK officially begins on the 23rd September so I thought now would be a perfect time to put our bucket list together.  It’s pretty much the same every year to be honest but this year Luca is a bit older so there are new things we can do.


One of these new things is going to watch squirrels.  I’m not sure anything says autumn quite like a squirrel scurrying around collecting nuts. Now Luca is 4 I’m hoping he will have the patience to hide somewhere quietly with me and spend some time watching nature get ready for the winter.

Just like the squirrels I plan on spending some time foraging and collecting.  Scrumping (apple picking) and chumping (collecting firewood) are two of my favourite things to do on autumnal walks.  And who can forget conker picking.  We have found a secluded tree in a really quiet spot that is going to be our place to go collect hundreds of conkers this year. Your not gonna find any spiders in our house.

I’m also really looking forward to having an autumn picnic.  I’m thinking a big tartan blanket to sit on plus and extra for wrapping up in. A flask of warm soup, possible pumpkin as it’s my favourite,  with crusty bread and some flapjack or brownie for pudding. All washed down with hot chocolate whilst we watch the leaves flutter down from the trees.

Pumpkin picking is always a priority for us.  We love spending a day traipsing through a muddy field seeking out the best pumpkins to decorate our apartment with in preparation for Halloween.  Followed by scooping out the guts and carving them for display in the windows.


And of course bonfire night. Cinder toffee, parkin and toffee apples. Sparklers galore and warm boozy drinks. I can’t chuffing wait.


Summer you have been incredible for us this year but I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of Autumn.

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