August in a Nutshell

Well what a month August turned out to be. We wanted to pack this summer to the rafters with fun as I was very aware that my time with Luca was about to reduced drastically when he started school.  I think it will always be remembered as pack full of fun we did.  Here is our August in a Nutshell.


August will always be the month; 

Luca accidentally learnt to fly.

Luca accidentally repainted our kitchen ceiling.

We went to Kirklees Light Railway.

Luca made a new best friend called Toby.

My Dad taught Luca how to make fire.  (Apparently it’s perfectly acceptable as it’s science).

My bonkers family spent the day with Hannah & her lovely family at Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Luca kicked my butt at bowling.

Luca made riding hats look cute.

We drove to York singing and car dancing like loons.


August will always be the month;

We explored Farmer Copley’s Summer Adventure field.

We spent all afternoon beside the river and snuggled to get dry.

I celebrated 3 years of marriage to Ant.

We used a Pokemon ball to collect blackberries.

It rained.

I made salted caramel brownie to die for.

We hired a boat.



August will always be the month; 

Luca was let loose in public with a golf club and nobody got hurt.

I ate fish & chips the size of a whale.

My mum met two pirates.

Luca discovered the joy of the amusements.

We saw a man get a balloon stuck on his head.

We spent evenings sat on the beach watching fireworks.

Luca convinced two grown men to have a hole digging competition.


August will always be special as it was the last month Luca wasn’t a school boy.

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