10 ideas to make your Halloween spooktacular.

We love Halloween in this house and so I thought I would share with you 10 ideas to make your Halloween spooktacular without breaking the bank, or a sweat. I love anything a bit macbre so it’s one of my favourite celebrations of the year.  If Halloween falls on a weekend we always have a party.  This year however, it falls on a week night so I have had to get my thinking cap on for how to make it an extra special night whilst also sticking to some sort of after school routine.

So here are my top ten ideas for spookifying your night the easy way.


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1.Dreadful Decorations

It’s so easy to make your house look spooktacular for Halloween.  Get yourselves down to your local pound shops and stock up on decorations now, before they have all gone.  They usually have loads in and you won’t be breaking the bank either.  If your more crafty and have some time on your hands you can even DIY some, such as a pumpkin garland made from ribbon and felt.

2.Spooky snacks

When you pick up your kids from school take them a spooky snack to get them in the menacing mood.  You could take things like an eyeball (babybell with icing on), a ghost banana (peeled banana with chocolate chips for eyes), a pumpkin orange (peel it and stick a bit of green pepper in the top for a stalk) or even a scary gingerbread man (get some of those decorate your own gingerbread men and get creative).

3.Frightening films

Watch a scary film. Whether your kids are toddlers or teens there are so many good films to indulge in over Halloween.  Here are a few of our favourites;

  • Coraline
  • The Corpse Bride
  • Hocus Pocus
  • Monster House
  • ParaNorman
  • Frankenweenie

And fear not if you don’t own any of these films as there are plenty of options on Netflix, like our favourite Hotel Transylvania.

4.Disgusting Dinners

You can whizz up some super easy but gross meals for Halloween.  Take a classic like spaghetti bolognaise and add a twist, those meatballs can suddenly become brains.  Hot dogs with a nail shape cut out of one end can be made to look like fingers, stick them in a bun with some ketchup on for blood.  You can even make your own pizza and place cheese on top in the shape of a spidersweb with a black olive spider to finish it off.

5.Petrifying Pumpkins


Carve some pumpkins to put in the window.  We all know that pumpkins fly off the shelves, especially the few days before Halloween, so get some in beforehand and store them away ready for the big night.  Pumpkin carving is always so much fun and a great thing to sit down and do together as a family.  You can make them super intricate or really simple.  Let your imaginations run wild.

6.Creepy Costumes


Get dressed up.  All of you as a family.  Even if you only paint your nails or put a little bit of face paint on, the kids will love that your joining in with them. I go all out usually, because why not, but I never spend a lot.  Last year I dug out a black dress, witches hat and some black tights and voila!  Or you could get an old white shirt, mucky it up a bit and add some fake blood and turn Daddy into a zombie.

7.Terrifying Trick or Treating 

I know trick or treating is a bit like marmite but we definitely love it.  Where we live all the streets around us really get into the spirit of things and every house is decorated and very welcoming of little ghouls knocking at their doors.

8.Eerie events

If trick or treating isn’t your thing there are always lots of events going on over Halloween.  I know that near us there is a ghost train that is brilliant fun for both young and old,  and the haunted maze at a local children’s attraction.  Get online and find something near you.

9.Gruesome Games

If your not planning on leaving the safety of your home on Halloween then why not bring the fun in with you.  There are so many easy games to make and play on Halloween.  There is good old fashioned apple bobbing, pin the wart on the witch or spider on the web, popping pumpkins (orange balloons with treats hidden inside) or even ghost bowling (10 toilet rolls with googly eyes stuck on them stacked up).

10.Bloodcurdling Books

After all the fun is over what better way to end the night than with a book.  Get snuggled down to read some Halloween related books, like Room on the Broom, Halloween night, Pumpkin Soup or The Hallo-weiner are all good ones for your little monsters.

So there you have it, my 10 ideas to make your Halloween spooktacular and harrowing without.  I hope you all have a terrifyingly good time.  (I’ll stop with the puns now).

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    • Franki says:

      I’m glad it made you feel excited. I love Halloween and I’m sure you’ll love dressing up as much as your 4 year old will. Enjoy!

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