In a Nutshell ~ July 2016

July was an absolutely jam packed month.  It seemed to go on forever but in the best possible way.  We did so much brilliant stuff.  So without further ado, here is our July in a nutshell.

July in a nutshell 1

1st July – 5th July

First thing first, and most importantly, it was Luca’s birthday. I’m gonna say it again, and probably will continue to say it all year but I seriously cannot believe we have a four year old.   He had the best birthday and equally fab birthday party and I’m so grateful to all his friends and family for making him one very happy boy.

I also hosted #mywildones for Hannah for a few weeks.  I really enjoyed hosting this linky and it’s got my brain ticking over some ideas for the future.

July in a nutshell 2

8th July – 10th July

The weekend after Luca’s birthday, Ant went to Silverstone for the F.  With Daddy away we headed to the North East coast for some seaside fun with my bestie.  We had an absolute ball.  What’s not to love about a BBQ on the beach eh?

July in a nutshell 3

15th July

My lovely friend and beautician, Sarah asked me if we would look after her tortoise Earl whilst they went on holiday.  I’ve wanted a tortoise for years, how could I say no?  We had so much fun with him. He came to sit on my knee every morning whilst I had my coffee, came to sunbathe with me outside and generally just made us laugh for a week and a bit.  He also managed to help me convince Ant that a tortoise is a good choice of pet.  Ant had agreed to let me rescue one when we move.  Yay!

On a side note, no matter what pet you want there are always lots needing rescuing and re-homing.  Adopt don’t buy.

July in a nutshell 4

16th – 19th July

Ant worked at a different store one weekend, one really close to home.  We took the opportunity to meet up with him for lunch at Pizza Express and caused chaos in there singing and dancing to the music they had playing.

Wold’s Way lavender was on the list for a visit, purely so I could take photos of the gorgeous lavender.  What?  It’s a great day out and we will be visiting again before summer is out.  Keep your eyes peeled for a post about it.

The sun came out for a few days in July and so one day after school my mum asked us if we wanted to go for a BBQ and she bought a new paddling pool for Luca.  My lovely mum also invited Luca’s best friend and his family to come and play too. It was a great evening and solidified my yearning desire for a garden of our own.

july in a nutshell 5

20th – 23rd July

School’s out! Summer holidays are here and Luca is officially on the countdown to real school. WHAT!!!

The sun kept it’s hat on far a while and we took another quick trip to Farmer Copley’s, mainly because my mum wanted bacon and scones.  We played on a few of the activities on offer there for summer but we are going again next week for another visit and to try out everything.  I can’t wait.

The sun has meant that I’ve been able to get really creative at work and find some fun ways to teach the children I work with.  Like using pavement chalk and water bombs.  I say it all the time but I love my job.

July in a nutshell 6

24th – 31st July

One of Luca’s birthday presents was riding lessons (unfortunately for him horse riding, not giraffe) and I was absolutely over the moon to see him having his first lesson.  This was followed this by playing in my parent’s garden and eating ice lollies.

We went to Hemsworth Water Park one weekend, had a ride on the pedalo’s and then back to a friends house for some fun in the hot tub.

I also made friends with a cow.

The last weekend of July was spent bike riding, playing croquet and a second riding lesson where Luca flourished.

In a nutshell, July you have been absolutely incredible.

August has a lot to live up to.

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