Holiday from home for cheap, our plans.

This year we are planning a cheap summer holiday from home. As you may know we are dreaming of owning our own home and this is a little closer to becoming a reality.  This means that we are on a real saving spree.  We aren’t having a proper holiday this year, no flights or far flung destinations for us *sob*.  Instead our two weeks off together will be spent at home making memories.

A holiday from home isn’t a new thing to us but we usually spend it visiting various places and maybe even renting a beautiful cottage or B&B for a few nights.   We always end up spending as much as it would have cost to go abroad really.  This year though we are doing everything on the cheap in an attempt to save as much money as we can.

I’ve been doing lots and lots of research into things we can do and places we can go for as little money as possible.  I think I have found more than enough to keep us occupied for two weeks. I’m going to share these with you now, our ideas for a cheap holiday from home.

  • Seaside

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My best friend, Ashleigh grew up on the North East coast.  We visited recently and absolutely loved our time there.  At the end of August the tall ships arrive in Blythe just down the road from Ashleigh’s parents house.  They have very kindly offered to put us up for a few nights, so we will be going up there for a BBQ on the beach to watch the ships sail in.  Although this will cost us some money it won’t be a lot.  We may also drive to the coast a bit closer to home for the day if the weather is nice enough.

  • Parks

We live in an area where we have easy access to lots of brilliant parks and outside spaces to explore.  Most of these are free and so we are intending on making the most of these.  I saw a post on Yorkshire Tots last week about the 10 best free parks in Yorkshire and we are going to try work our way through these.

  • Museums & Attractions

There are some great museums around where we live.  One of the ones we will definitely be making a visit to is Eureka! Children’s Museum. This isn’t a free museum but if you pay for your entrance you can then upgrade to an annual pass for free.  We did this the last time we visited and so we will be making use of our annual pass this time and visiting for free.

You can also do this at The Deep in Hull and Magna in Sheffield. Great ways to save money.

We also have Leeds City Museum close by, which often hosts events during the holidays.  This year it is a Multi-Sensory event.  Children’s crafts based around the senses and changing each week so another good visit for a rainy day out.

  • River

holiday from home 2

Yorkshire also offers some lovely rivers.  There are some really cute places to visit beside the river where we can spend the day paddling and using a fishing net whilst enjoying a picnic.  I’m excited for this one.

  • Breeze

Breeze Leeds is a free mini festival for children 0-19 that Leeds City Council put on every summer.  It’s full of fun activities and things to do so we will be making the most of these free activities.

  • Geocaching


Nothing beats being out in nature, I love spending time walking in our great british countryside.  Thing is though, Luca isn’t so taken with walking and quite often resorts to being carried.  When we discovered Geocaching he suddenly became much more interested in walking.  Luca loves trying to hunt out the treasure that people have hidden.  It’s a great way to get kids interested in walking and we all enjoy it.

There are also lots of little things to keep us entertained.  Bike rides, paddling pool days, painting and crafting days and play dates with friends.

Despite having to do our holiday from home and on the cheap, I am looking forward to spending quality time together and making memories.

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