Get lost at Farmer Copley’s Corn Maze

After our great day out strawberry picking we couldn’t wait to get back to Farmer Copley’s for the Corn Maze.  We went at the start of the week and as usual took Luca’s friend, Rowan with us.

We arrived at the farm around 11:30am and headed straight for the corn maze.  After a quick briefing by a Corn Ranger we headed off into the maze. Flag and game sheets in hand. The flag is for if you get totally lost, you hold it up and wave it around.  A Corn Ranger will then come and rescue you.  Neat huh?  The game sheets consisted of three different games plus the rubbings game for younger kids.

The boys took the lead and loved running off around corners trying to find rubbing stations.  This also sent us into a panic that we were going to lose them. They eventually wore themselves out a bit and walked the rest of the way, much to my relief.  The corn really does tower over you in places, even towering over Ant who is over 6 feet tall.  So you can imagine I really didn’t fancy losing either of them in there.

Farmer Copley's 8

Luca and Rowan both loved finding the rubbing stations hidden along the way. The theme of the maze is Alice in Wonderland so the rubbings were things like the Cheshire Cat and Queen of Hearts.  We didn’t manage to find them all, the maze is so big.  7 acres in actual fact!   With all the games you could spend a really long time in there hunting out all the things you need to complete it.  Then hand it in at the end and your in with a chance of winning an iPod!  Perfect for older kids I think.

Farmer Copley's 7

Despite having taken a photo of the map on the way into the maze we really did get lost and had absolutely no clue as to where we were or which way would take us out!  Thank goodness for those flags, they made me feel much better knowing we would be rescued if we needed it.  I was sure we would.

The towering corn was so tempting and the boys kept finding gaps in it to make dens and hide from us.  Because the corn is in lines there are some parts of the maze where they could do this without damaging it.  Meaning I could get some nice photos of them too, when they stood still for long enough.

Farmer Copley's 9

By then end of our adventure the boys had walked their little legs off and strolled out holding hands. Cuties!

Farmer Copley's 6

Once we had made it out of the maze (don’t ask me how!) the boys headed straight for the huge bales of hay and tyres.  Once climbed they declared that they were “kings of the castles” and I was “a dirty rascal”. Delightful!

Farmer Copley's 14

Farmer Copley's 13

After that was a mad dash for the massive inflatable slide!  They made the climb to the top and then Luca wussed out.  The staff though are brilliant and the young man on the slide climbed straight up and held his hand for the slide down.

Rowan however, absolutely loved it and went on it time and time again.

Farmer Copley's 5

Farmer Copley's 4

Once we had coaxed Rowan off the slide we all went on the big bouncy pillow.  We’ve been to a few places with bouncy pillows and I always find them really difficult to bounce on but this one is super bouncy and we were flying all over.  The boys even managed to bounce me off it much to their amusement.

Farmer Copley's 1

Farmer Copley's 2

Farmer Copley's 3

We decided that it would be a good idea to grab some lunch at this point as the boys were both getting a bit grumpy from all the walking, climbing and bouncing.  We headed inside to Farmer Copley’s Moo Cafe.  You can get burgers and hot dogs from the food van in the field where all the activities are but Ant was excited for a steak sandwich.

The colouring sheets they have in the cafe kept the boys quiet and nicely occupied whilst we waited for our food.

Farmer Copley's 10

Ant didn’t come with us when we visited last so was looking forward to sampling Farmer Copley’s food we have been raving about.  So were Luca & Rowan though and “helped” Ant eat his.  Ant was very disappointed he didn’t get to eat it all to himself.  In fact he has told me we have to go back on our own next time so he can eat a full meal.

Refueled we wandered past all the animals, where we freed a goat that got it’s head stuck in a fence.  When we turned around Luca had made friends with two little goats, feeding them grass and stroking their heads. So much like me he loves animals.

Once back in the fun field we went and tried out the tractor ride.  The once again, friendly staff member informed us we could ride too and so we all piled into the little red carts.  The boys really enjoyed being driven through the corn and refused to get out once we got back to the start.  Luckily we had a season pass so this meant they could go on as many times as they wanted to.

Farmer Copley's 11

Farmer Copley's 12

One the boys had their fun I wanted to have a go at slack lining. Little tip for you all, don’t try it with two little 4 year old toerags in tow.  They kept bouncing me off and wobbling the line. Safe to say I fell off a lot. It was still good fun though.

We then let them play on the tractor and trailer in the middle of the field where they both pretended to be goats in the trailer and then farmers driving the tractor.  This was followed by playing on the little push along vehicle things, in the sand pit with all the digging and pouring equipment, racing on the duck race, playing some football, driving the go karts  and trying their luck in the little puzzle mazes (these were my favourite).

By the time Luca & Rowan had tried everything it was about half past four and we needed to be setting off home.  With the promise of a slush puppy and another visit soon, we finally persuaded them to leave.

There is absolutely tons of stuff to do in Farmer Copley’s fun field and you can very easily spend a whole day there, they are open 10:30-5:30.  We were there for five hours and could easily have spent longer.

You can pay as you go but I would highly recommend buying the all day access pass.  This way the kids can go on everything as many times as they like.  At £6.99 for the kids (under 3’s are free) and £5.99 for adults it really is worth it.  Or you can get a Farmer Copley’s season pass for a family of four for £49.99.  Then you can visit as many times as you like until the 4th September.

In fact we might see you at the weekend.  We are going to buy some food from the farm shop for our picnic on the river.

*Disclaimer – We were very kindly gifted a season pass in exchange for this review.  However, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.  We weren’t gifted the food.*


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