My Wild Ones ~ A weekend of 4th birthday celebrations.

On Sunday Luca turned four.  That’s nowhere near baby years anymore is it. Four!

This is the first year Luca has fully understood the concept of his birthday and he woke up instantly knowing that the living room would be filled with presents for him.  But before we talk about his actual birthday lets rewind a day to the impromptu party we threw for him.


Let’s not beat around the bush, I like to fly by the seat of my pants. I’m not the most organised person (understatement) and so in typical Franki style I decided that the Monday before Luca’s birthday I would book him a party.  It was all very last minute organisation and on the Monday lunch time I dropped his invitations off at school for his classmates.   By Tuesday afternoon I was very stressed and regretting my decision to throw a party.  I was convinced that everything wouldn’t be ready for Saturday but alas, I pulled it off.

Luca has so much fun at his traditional birthday party. We had pass the parcel, pin the tail on the donkey and musical statues to name but a few of the games we played.  On a side note, don’t ever let Ant judge a kids game, he’s a harsh judge and managed to get himself boo’ed by a parent.



We had face painting by Helen, my extremely talented friend.  If you live in Yorkshire and need a face painter you should definitely check her out.




There were balloons galore and a table full of party food to help themselves to as well.

Ant and myself even decorated Luca’s cake ourselves, which I was very proud of.



We finished the party with Luca smashing up a pinata for his friends to collect sweeties to take home with them.


All in all I think his party was a success and our lucky little boy was showered with some great presents from his friends.  In fact it’s made me think that I might need to up my present buying game in the future.

Utterly exhausted Luca went to bed really early, ready for his actual birthday the next day.   We were expecting a super early wake up call but our normally early riser didn’t get up until 8am!  This is how the day panned out once he finally dragged himself out of bed.

  • Open presents.


  • Play with toys with mummy and daddy.
  • Eat dippy egg breakfast.
  • Have a bath with new toys.
  • Grandma & Grandad Eyepatch, Aunty Emma & GG arrived with more presents.
  • Hear best friend singing outside and dash out to play with new Kidz Swayer from GG.


  • Play out for well over an hour with various different toys.
  • Eat ice cream with best friend.


  • Play more.


  • Go home and play with even more toys with mummy and daddy.
  • Have favourite tea.
  • Play some more.
  • Snuggle on sofa with mummy and daddy to watch new DVD.
  • Go to bed early as the weekend has been exhausting.

I think it’s safe to say that Luca has an absolutely epic birthday weekend.

As you may know, I am hosting My Wild Ones for Hannah this week whilst she enjoys herself in Sussex, hopefully getting lots of content for next weeks My Wild Ones.  I’m already looking forward to hearing all about the fun they seem to be having.

Last week Kippers & Curtains linked up this post absolutely brimming with beautiful photos of poppies which I really loved and has inspired me to go out and get some shots of my own. I definitely recommend popping over to have a look for yourself.


A few guidelines for linking up:

  • Link up one post per week with the theme of My Wild Ones. It could be a post about your child/children exploring inside or out; the idea is that it’s a photo project of candid childhood photography.
  • The post can be a one photo, a series of photos, or a combination of text and photos.
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It will be me hosting again next week whilst Hannah is enjoying herself Sussex so don’t forget to bob back and link up again.

4 thoughts on “My Wild Ones ~ A weekend of 4th birthday celebrations.

  1. Sarah Stockley says:

    Thank you for featuring the poppy field post. I am now doing a rainbow challenge! Happy Birthday Luca! My son Finley is 4 also, so he’ll be starting at the same school his sisters’ go to in September. Looks like he had a fab time and we’re loving the Captain America face paint!
    Sarah (Kippers and Curtains) #MyWIldOnes

    • Franki says:

      You are very welcome Sarah, I loved it.
      Scary how quickly they grow up isn’t it? He really did have a blast at his party so it was worth all the stress of organising, just.

    • Franki says:

      Thank you very much Hanna. That cake was one of our proudest achievements after the icing proved harder than we initially thought!

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