Dreaming of a new home


We have wanted to move to a new home for years.  The flat we live in is lovely, but it was never supposed to be a permanent home.  We moved here when I finished uni about 5 years ago to get back to the area we wanted to live.  It was a means to an end but we haven’t left.  The plan was to stay here whilst we saved for our own home but then I fell pregnant and everything kind of went out of the window.  As much as we have made this place our own and I have enjoyed living here, we have definitely outgrown it now.

There isn’t enough room for two adults and a four-year old with an ever expanding toy collection.  Storage is minimal and we literally have every spare centimetre filled with something or other.  We have had to learn to be ruthless with things, meaning unless it has really high sentimental value or it is of use to us, we get rid.  Wardrobes, under beds, every cupboard is fit to bursting with stuff.  To get to paper and pens for drawing with Luca we have to move three things first. Quite frankly it is now driving me insane.

We have looked at a few different homes, in particular new builds and although we have liked a few nothing has really made us stand up and pay attention.  There hasn’t been anything we have really wanted.  This is a good thing really as although we seem to be making progress with our savings something always comes along to cut them.

However very recently a development has appeared locally to where we live.  In fact it’s a stones throw from Luca’s primary school that we prayed he would get into. We registered interest like we have in all the other new builds that have come up in our area, and then last week we received an email about them.

I opened the email and read through all the jargon it was explaining to us.  Then I clicked on the attachments of the floor plans for each house and I literally fell in love.  There are a few I really like but there is one in particular that I feel could have been designed specifically us.  It feels like this may be my dream house and I cannot stop thinking about it.  As soon as I had seen the drawn plans I could imagine us living there and I find myself day dreaming about it .

I can see myself cooking in the kitchen whilst I watch Luca running around the garden. A luxury we don’t have at the moment.

I can hear our dogs barking at the postman. No home is complete without a dog and I’m dog broody if there is such a thing.

I can imagine myself carrying shopping in from the car and straight into the house. Not lugging it through a stupid heavy door that tries to push me back out and hauling it up a flight of stairs.

I can’t wait to just grab a bundle of washing and chuck it into the machine without working out how much space I have to dry it once it’s done.

I can see myself hanging the washing out on a washing line to be blown dry in the wind, not a clothes horse that takes up half my kitchen.

I can imagine a bookcase full of books waiting to be read or ones that I have just saved because I like them.  Not a few of my absolute favourites shoved into the back of a shelf because that’s the only place they will fit.

I can’t wait to have photos of us lining the stairs instead of a couple of in frames scattered about.

I can hear the new bedtime routine.  Going upstairs for a bath before Luca shouts night-night downstairs to whoever is loading the dishwasher.  Oh a dishwasher!

I can imagine tucking Luca into bed before creeping back downstairs.  Opening a bottle of wine and snuggling on the sofa with Ant to watch Game of Thrones (or whatever our latest obsession may be) and not having to worry about the telly waking him up.

BBQ’s.  Naked water fights in the garden (Luca not me!).  Sleepovers. Having bikes to ride at home. Sunbathing.  Paddling pools.  A swing set.  Growing sunflowers.  A driveway. Curtains not blinds. Bright windows.  Big family meals.  A compost heap.  Flower beds.  Halle, our rabbit being able to run around outside and eat fresh grass. Writing blog posts in the sun.  Christmas at ours and the accompanying fairy lights outside the house.

Maybe even a new baby!

I honestly can’t explain how much I really want all of this. I’m desperate.  I’m also terrified we won’t have enough deposit saved for it when it eventually comes onto the market and we won’t get it.

I can feel our perfect family home, I can practically touch it as I walk past it twice a day on the school run.  It’s so close yet maybe still a little too far.

It sounds utterly ridiculous but just writing this has made me feel a little teary eyed, I want it so badly.

I want our first home, a home of our own to fill with love and laughter and pets. A home of our own to make more memories and maybe make more babies.

It’s the last piece missing from our puzzle.

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