Welcome to Wonderful Chaos

Well here we are, after putting it off for what feels like years I’ve finally been convinced to take the plunge and buy my own domain.  The result is this brand spanking new blog.

Welcome to Wonderful Chaos!

Ok, so I admit, it isn’t completely brand spanking new.  I’ve brought most of my old content across with me from Little Luca & Me as I started blogging to record our life and have something to look back on so therefore I didn’t want to lose any of it. Especially not the memories I’ve recorded of Luca growing up.

The name however, is new and I feel like it is a perfect fit for us as a family.  Our life is most definitely wonderful chaos to say the least and I’m sure those who know us will vouch for that.  I never really fell in love with our old blog and have always been trying to come up with a  new name but nothing ever came into fruition.

The new name (which I really do love) and having my own domain has already made me feel a bit more like a “proper” blogger.  I’m hoping in turn this will help me get my mojo back and encourage me to blog much more than I have been doing.  I feel like this little corner of the internet is truly mine now and I cannot wait to start filling it with little snippets of our life.

Before I go I just want to say a huge, huge, huge THANK YOU to Hannah from Make Do & Push .  Without her this would never have happened.  She gave me a nudge in the right direction, took her time to talk me through the switch over, helped me with my million and one questions and also came up with the perfect name for the blog. I am truly grateful for all of this and for the blogging world bringing her into my life.  She’s an absolute treasure of a friend and hopefully will be one for life.

Thank you for being your wonderful self Hannah and I promise to pay you back in Prosecco and cake.

9 thoughts on “Welcome to Wonderful Chaos

  1. Honest mum says:

    Aw love it here, so beautiful and the name is KILLER-amazing it was available as a domain. You rightly should have brought all your content over and do a redirect to your old site to this one too. Yay, so proud of you x

    • admin says:

      I have done all of that, well at least I think I have haha!
      Thank you, that means a lot coming from you. I had help with the name and was shocked when it was all available too. So glad it was, I think it’s a perfect fit for us. xx

  2. Anna says:

    Love the name of your new blog 🙂

    This is something I am debating doing with mine! Is it a lot of work?!? I wouldn’t even know where to start…!

    Anna x

    • Franki says:

      Thank you so much Anna.
      It was quite a bit of work but I was lucky to have wonderful Hannah help me. It’s worth it though, I’m totally in love with blogging again and feel like this little place is now home.
      If you need any help feel free to ask.

    • Franki says:

      Aww thanks Rachel. I don’t think I’m very good at getting myself out there. I love the new name too, all thanks to the lovely Hannah for her help. Thanks for dropping by. 😉

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