Strawberry picking at Farmer Copley’s

Last week we went to one of our local farms, Farmer Copley’s for some lunch and strawberry picking.  It was a Friday and as is fast becoming our tradition, we went with R and his mummy too.

We only went for lunch but when we got there the strawberry picking field was open and so it seemed rude not to. The boys led the way to the field following the instructions posted on the gates to direct you there.  We got to the field and turned the corner to find this brightly coloured shack greeting us.

Farmer Copley's 1

This is where all the different sized punnets are for you to choose from.  The strawberry picking is self service and so you just help yourself to the punnets, fill them up and then take them back to the Farmer Copley’s farm shop to pay for what you picked.  We chose two of the smaller punnets for £3.00 each but you can fill a huge bucket style punnet for £10.

With punnets in hand the boys made their way through the rows and rows of strawberry plants searching for the biggest, reddest and juiciest strawberries they could find.

Farmer Copley's 2

Both Luca & R are absolute strawberry monsters so they loved hunting for the perfect ones to fill their tubs.  As you can see below, it takes a lot of concentration.  I promise Luca isn’t picking his nose, he was itching it. Promise.

Farmer Copley's 3

Farmer Copley's 4

Farmer Copley's 5

Farmer Copley's 6

And the occasional taste test too, for quality control purposes obviously.

Farmer Copley's 7

Farmer Copley's 8

Farmer Copley's 9

Farmer Copley's 10

In all honesty I’m not sure who enjoyed it more, the boys or myself and Claire.

I wasn’t going to post this photo below as it’s absolutely horrendous of me and just a messy photo.  My hair looks like someone stuck a mop on my head, you can hardly see Claire’s face, Luca is stuffing strawberries in his mouth and R is pulling a strange face. Yet I love it.  It epitomises this blog brilliantly, it is wonderful chaos.


We managed to fill our punnets to the brim with Farmer Copley’s delicious strawberries. There were so many to pick from it wasn’t exactly a difficult task but it did help us build up an appetite for our lunch. We headed back to the Moo Cafe and grabbed a table in the cute little outside courtyard to make the most of the nice weather.

After ordering our food the boys set to colouring in with the pots of pencils and colouring sheets that are provided, whilst drinking their milkshakes.

Farmer Copley's 11

Farmer Copley's 12

When our food turned up we weren’t disappointed. I opted for some good old fashioned comfort food in the shape of a jacket potato with cheese and beans.  The first thing I said when the waitress arrived was “Oh good, they’ve done it the right way around”. Cheese under the beans people, cheese UNDER the beans.

Farmer Copley's 13

The homemade coleslaw that accompanied it was absolutely delicious as was the jacket potato itself.  I’m not sure as I didn’t ask but I’m assuming they are proper oven baked jackets, my favourite.

Claire chose a steak sandwich and the whole way through eating it insisted on telling me how yummy it was.  She even vowed to bring her husband for one as she was so impressed with it.

Farmer Copley's 14

We also ordered some chips with thyme and lemon mayo.  These were utterly heavenly and I’ll be going back for these alone. Yum!

Farmer Copley's 15

The boys both had the sandwich meal, which comes with apple slices, the milkshake seen above and a biscuit. Luca went for cheese and R went for potted meat.  Like their mummies they both demolished all of their food.  Praise indeed from Luca who eats like a sparrow at the best of times.  In fact they tucked in so quickly I didn’t get chance for a photo.

We then went inside so the boys could play on the digger which they can control to scoop and move gravel, whilst Claire and I ate cake!!  What? All that strawberry picking is hard work.

With very full bellies we headed back to the car and home, with Claire still vowing to bring her husband for some food next time.  On our way out we bumped into a couple of the Farmer Copley’s themselves who stopped for a chat with the boys.  Not only is there farm brilliant, the strawberries and cafe food delicious but the owners are lovely too.

The boys had a great time and when we got back Luca asked if R could come and play despite spending all day together.  They really are best friends these two.

Farmer Copley's 16

The boys both wanted a bowl of strawberries each when we got back too.  The whole punnet lasted us two days as Luca kept going to the fridge and stealing one every few minutes.  I think next time we go strawberry picking we will have to go for the bucket option.  We highly recommend a visit to Farmer Copley’s if you are in the area. We had a great day and are already planning our return visit.

*Our lunch and strawberries were given to us in exchange for this review, however all opinions expressed are honest and my own.*


10 thoughts on “Strawberry picking at Farmer Copley’s

  1. Su {Ethan & Evelyn} says:

    Aww… what a beautiful day! & lovely strawberries too! I love going strawberries picking and eating them. haha 😉 That bugger looks amazing! & yours kids are just so adorable. <3 #MyWildOnes

    • admin says:

      Thank you, but I can only claim stake to one of the cute kids, the other is his best friend from Nursery. 😉

  2. Mel says:

    I love this place but have only been in October for the pumpkins. I live in Leeds so its funny to see a blogger so nearby! Great pics!

    • admin says:

      The pumpkin picking here is my favourite. You’ll have to check out the strawberry picking too Mel. I’m in Leeds too, may bump into you there one day!

  3. Laura & Daisy says:

    Awwww best buds!! Such a lovely post!

    We still haven’t taken T strawberry picking. Me and my dad used to go every year when I was little but we ate more than we took home! So much fun! 🙂

    • Franki says:

      They are proper best mates, it’s so cute!
      You should take him, Luca loved it. I think they managed to eat a fair few before we left to be honest. But shh, don’t tell Farmer Copley. 😉

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