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Learning to snowboard has been a dream of mine for many years.  In 2014 I started an annual to-do list and learning to snowboard has been a recurring goal on there but has never been anything more than just a pipe dream.   When it made it onto my to-do list again this year I decided  I  was going to really try and get it ticked off and started to look into options and pricing.  By April I had got a group of friends together and booked our first snowboarding lesson.

That first lesson happened on the 1st May and five lessons later, on the 13th June my snowboarding instructor signed my final level off, meaning I can now officially snowboard without an instructor keeping an eye on me.  I’m free to board whenever I like and however I like.

I am officially a snowboarder!!!

I apologise for the quality of the photos, the light where we were learning was horrendous!!


I can’t quite believe it’s actually happened and I’ve fulfilled this lifelong dream.

It has been a challenging journey.  It has been painful.  I alone have managed to get a bruised coccyx, sprained wrist as well as general bumps and bruises, mostly to my bum and palms from falling so many times, not to mention the general muscle ache you get from learning a new sport.

It has been frustrating and all of us have had moments where something just wasn’t quite going right leaving us feeling a little deflated.

However, these injuries have healed, obstacles are overcome and the problems ironed out, leaving in it’s place a feeling of exhilaration, achievement and general fulfilment.  We can now throw ourselves over the edge of the slope and know we can get down to the bottom pretty much in one piece.  There will undoubtedly be more falling and frustrations but it’s all part of the learning curve and I am absolutely loving it.  Check out the weird stance I’ve got going on below!!


My least favourite part has definitely been getting snow up my jacket.  When you wipe out going down the slope at quite a pace the snow shoots up the back of your jacket.  Initially it’s a freezing cold shock before it melts leaving you with a lovely wet patch.  In turn your pants and jacket start to rub against your skin, not the nicest feeling in the world I’m sure you’ll agree.  The most useful thing I have learnt in the past month and a bit has been to get decent snow gear to wear.

My new jacket that I wore for my last lesson did the job.  The Slender Womens DLX ski jacket from Trespass has a snow break that works perfectly, and trust me I really tested it.  I ended up wearing boots a bit too big which in turn meant I kept wiping out as I had less control over my board, but I didn’t once get snow up my back.  I spent the whole lesson completely dry.  I think it works so well as you actually fasten it around the bottom of your tummy with poppers at three different positions so you can fasten it to the perfect tightness for you.  Meaning it lets no snow up into your jacket at all.   The sleeve cuffs are also adjustable so no snow up my sleeves either when using my hands to brake!

The jacket also has various adjustable points, like the draw cord hem, meaning you can get a flattering fit whilst still wearing a really functional jacket.

I also spent the whole lesson really rather warm.  The internal padding really did it’s job keeping me toasty warm on the cold slope and I only really needed a vest top on underneath.  As you can see I finished my lesson a rather sweaty version of myself.  I’m sure this will be perfect for hitting the real slopes in winter and not just the indoor slopes here.


The waterproof zips are also a brilliant addition as you can take your phone with you without having to worry your going to drown it in melting snow.  This also means you can make use of the earphone point and listen to music whilst boarding.

I honestly love this jacket, I quite often throw it on for rainy school runs as it is perfectly waterproof and I have even worn it on family days out when I don’t want to carry a bag as all the pockets mean I can carry everything I need on my person. Bonus!

I wasn’t sure about the colour to begin with, but now I really like it and it was handy for when my parents came to watch us on our last lesson as they could easily spot me on the slope in my bright pink jacket.


When we first started our lessons one of the instructors said

“That’s it now you’ll be boarding for the rest of your lives.”

He was 100% right, it is completely addictive and now we are all talking about going away together for a snowboarding holiday.  Perfect excuse to find some equally brilliant ski pants and all the other gear that goes with boarding.  In fact I’m probably going to do it just for boarding at home.  When there are so many reductions on the Trespass website at the moment it would be rude not to (my jackets has a 66% reduction if you fancy grabbing yourself a bargain!), well a girls gotta shop right?

We just need to get Luca some skiing lessons now so he can join us on the slopes and we can have family snowboarding /skiing sessions at weekends.


I am so proud of our achievement and snowboarding has met, in fact it has exceeded, all my expectations.  I can’t recommend this extreme sport enough.


*Disclaimer: I received the jacket from Trespass for the purpose of this post. All opinions and views in this post are honest and my own.*

4 thoughts on “Snowboarding with Trespass

  1. Honest mum says:

    Firstly you look stunning, secondly that jacket is everything, thirdly I want to ski again, it’s been a million years! You are a gorgeous model, girl x

    • Franki says:

      *blushes* Thank you very much, Vicki! High praise coming from someone who has been in Vogue 😉 We should go together, you ski and I can board, then we can have wine after haha xx

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