Room on the Broom ~ Anglers Country Park

A few weeks ago Daddy had a few days off to spend some quality time with Luca whilst he was off school and I worked.

One day I got home from work early so we decided to make the most of us all being home together and went for a walk.  We chose to go to Anglers Country Park to follow the Room on the Broom trail.  We didn’t arrive until just after 4pm so the visitor centre and cafe was closed which meant we couldn’t grab a hot drink to walk with, boo!
The evening sun was glorious and although it was cold we were all wrapped up and ready to go.  There were loads of puddles for Luca to splash in, one of his favourite pastimes, and because we all had our wellies on we did some family puddle jumping which he thought was brilliant. 
The trail takes you around a big beautiful lake full of ducks and geese. We even saw two swans and a heron as well as lots of other wildlife along the way.  There is a large area of grass around the lake too which looks like it would be perfect for picnics when the summer comes. 

As you wander around the lake there are wooden sculptures to find.  The first one being the witch on her broom with her cat.  

Between each sculpture is a little signpost with clues about what you might find next and questions to answer as well as little animal footprints.   There are sculptures of all the animals in the story but these ones were our favourites.





As we got half way around the trail the sun began to set which looked absolutely beautiful over the lake. 


Dotted around the lake are wooden poles with letters on them which I assume are part of the activity pack you can buy from the visitor centre..  Luca loved trying to tell us which each letter was and I’m impressed with how many he has learnt at nursery so far.  As we got towards the end of the trail it got a little bit muddy and we were grateful for our wellies.  We made the most of it though and squelched our way through the ‘bog’ like the animals do in the Room on the Broom.

We then found the cauldron and the final sculpture of the ‘truly magnificent broom’ with room for you to sit on for a picture. 

By the time we had finished the trail the sun had set and it was absolutely freezing but we really enjoyed our stroll.  Luca had a little play on the park beside the visitor centre but it was so cold we decided we would come back another day to play properly.
We finished our family evening together with some naughty fish & chips that we grabbed on the way home to warm up before snuggling up together on the sofa in our pj’s to watch a film. 

We’ve been on the Gruffalo trail at Sherwood Forest and the Gruffalo’s Child trail at Dalby Forest but this one knocked the socks off those.  We will definitely be going back for a full day of fun, hopefully in the sun next time. 

10 thoughts on “Room on the Broom ~ Anglers Country Park

  1. Sarah S says:

    This looks amazing! I knew there were Gruffalo and Stick Man trails but I didn't realise there were Room on the Broom ones too. And fish & chips and a film in your PJs sounds like the perfect end to the day. Thanks for linking up with #MyWildOnes

  2. Island Living 365 says:

    What a brilliant place to explore! The sculptures too are just brilliant. I am always very jealous when I see these trails and the stick man ones too, we need one on Jersey! 🙂 #Countrykids

  3. Coombe Mill says:

    Sounds like a great way to enjoy and afternoon together and interesting how good you say it is compared to the Gruffalo trails. I've seen much less of the Room on a broom trail but it sound like one to recommend. Your sunset photo at the end is beautiful and rounding the day off with fish and chips sounds perfect all round.

    Thank you for sharing wiht me on #CountryKids

  4. pixiedusk says:

    Awww what a lovely trail! The scupltures are amazing & something that my son knows too! But my fave photo is the last one. Gorgeous sunset over there =)


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