Best friends in the woods.

Luca has really settled into pre-school now and has himself a best friend, R. They are adorable together, if a little mischievous and to top it off nicely I get on well with his mum.  This has meant we have had a few play dates outside of school together and they are always a bit bonkers when we are all together, let’s face it I do bonkers well on my own without any helping me.

One of our latest dates was to Newmillerdam, about a 15 minute drive from where we live. It’s a big lake surrounded by woodland and a perfect place for two terrible three-year olds to burn off some energy and explore.
We headed straight into the woods which were scattered with bluebells and piles and piles of crunchy dead leaves.  There were so many things to find like old tree stumps, massive fallen branches and feathers.


We searched high and low for a squirrel but didn’t manage to find one before we came out into the clearing at the top of the hill.  Here we found trees to try to climb, mud to write in with sticks and more tree stumps but this time one carved into a seat, perfect for two little rascals to perch on.




My favourite find was the little den we discovered hidden in the middle of the trees that someone had built from fallen branches lent against a tree trunk and surrounded by bluebells.  It was like something out of a fairytale, in fact the whole place felt a bit magical, like there could have been fairies hidden away in there. 



I think the boys favourite bit was definitely the huge trunks they spent ages climbing on though.  They must have felt so big to them as they carefully climbed along and over them with Rowan’s mum nervously waiting below to catch any falls.





We spent a really lovely few hours in the fresh air, spotting all the ducklings and baby moorhens (no idea the real name for them, chicks maybe?) and generally having fun together enjoying all the best that good old Mother Nature has to offer.

It’s such a joy to watch Luca developing a friendship and seeing it blossom. R brings out the best in Luca, he’s no longer such a pushover with the other kids and stands up for himself a bit more whilst still being my lovely caring little dude.
Newmillerdam may also be one of my new favourite places to visit. Next time we go I need to remember to take duck food as there were loads that chased us when we crossed the lake.  Oh, and money for an ice cream when we have finished!

4 thoughts on “Best friends in the woods.

  1. Hannah says:

    Oh wow! What a fab place! Nick's mum keeps talking about it but we've never been. I think we'll have to take B and H!

    Thanks for linking up to #MyWildOnes xxx

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